A Call to Volunteers!

Did you know that without course setters, meet directors, and all the helpers and supporters who assist them we wouldn't have any orienteering events?  The fees collected at each event only cover the costs for permits, insurance, transportation, map printing, supplies, and equipment used at the event.  They don’t cover planning, organizing, or running the event.   It is only through the generous volunteer effort of club members by which these events can happen!

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The Benefits of Volunteering

TOC Volunteer Project Opportunities

TOC Volunteer Position Opportunities

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Helpful Information for Event Volunteers

The Benefits of Volunteering

  • You get to give back to an activity which you enjoy and believe in.
  • You get to try an activity which is enjoyable for you and limited only by your creativity.
  • You get to know some of the most enthusiastic and best orienteering people in the club.
  • You can hone your orienteering skills when course setting, course vetting, mapping, and collecting controls after an event.
  • You can mingle with like-minded people by teaching beginners in a clinic or guided walk.


Ongoing TOC Volunteer Project Opportunities

If you are interested in or have questions about any of the following ongoing project opportunities contact one of our Officers.

  • Course Setting
  • Meet Directing
  • Hosting a Street-O
  • Mapping Projects
  • Coordinating a National Orienteering Day (usually in September)


Current TOC Volunteer Position Opportunities

If you are interested in or have questions about any of the currently available positions below contact one of our Officers.

  • Board Member at Large 
  • Event Scheduler
  • Outreach/Publicity/Social Media
  • New Member Contacts
  • Volunteer Program


Volunteer Job Descriptions

Board Member at Large:  Participates in board meetings and decision making for the club.

Course Setter:  Designs courses, writes and posts the event announcements, prints maps, and hangs controls for the event.  For more detailed information on the course design process, download a Course Setter's Guide  from the Documents, Guides, and Forms page.

Equipment Chair:  Maintains and replenishes the club equipment and supplies and keeps an up-to-date inventory.  Notifies the President of equipment needs.

Event Scheduler:  Encourages volunteers to fill the vacant course setter and meet director slots on the event calendar.  Maintains the official event schedule.  Coordinates the event schedule with the Board, Webmaster, Permit Coordinator, Course Setters, and Meet Directors.

Map Librarian:  Maintains the TOC's maps in digital format and makes them available to course setters.  Maintains documentation of work done on maps.  Makes sure that all map updates are archived and provides version control.   Archiving activities are shared with a co-librarian who maintains digital backup copies of each map.

Map Project Coordinator:  Does or coordinates the mapping of a new or existing orienteering map.  May include updating a map, base map development, field checking, and cartography using OCAD drafting software.

Meet Director:  Runs the orienteering event.  Oversees and provides staffing for the registration, start, and timing tables.  Makes sure the event goes smoothly.  Ensures permit and safety requirements are met.  Ensures (as much as practical) that everybody has fun at the event!  Posts the event results.  For a more detailed description, download a Meet Director's Manual  from the Documents, Guides, and Forms page.

Membership Chair Maintains computerized database for club membership and meet participation records.  Maintains the TOC's email list and forwards communications from TOC staff to the individual members via email.  Prepares other reports as needed.

National Orienteering Day Coordinator:  Coordinates with Orienteering USA to promote the annual National Orienteering Day event for our local club. 

New Member Contact Chair:  Mails or emails welcome messages to new members.  Ensures that new members feel welcome at our events and in our club and encourages participation.

Outreach/Publicity/Social Media Chair Develops and maintains programs that promote our club and the sport of orienteering to the public. 

Permits Coordinator:  Handles the application for permits for all orienteering events.  Provides copies of the permit to each course setter and meet director.  Keeps original permits on file.

President:  Directs and coordinates club affairs.  Presides at board meetings and general meetings. Appoints chairs of special committees.  Signatory at bank.

Rankings Compiler:   Compiles and publishes the local competitive rankings list for the club.  May also extract and list local member rankings from regional and national rankings lists.

Secretary/Treasurer:  Picks up mail regularly from the post office and distributes it promptly.  Transmits membership inquiries and updates to the Membership Chair.  Keeps minutes of all business meetings.  Keeps financial records.  Signatory at bank.

Street-O Setter/Director:  Designs and hosts a street-O (neighborhood urban event).

Vice President:  Assists the President and assumes the duties of the President in the President's absence.

Volunteer Program Coordinator:  Develops and coordinates the TOC volunteer program whereby volunteers receive recognition and opportunities for growth within the club.  Schedules and implements volunteer-only activities.

Webmaster:  Makes sure the TOC website is functioning properly; helps the board of directors manage website content, consistency, and organization; helps web authors create and update web pages; and replies to user feedback.


Helpful Information for Event Volunteers


When a permit is issued for an event, a copy of it must be present at the event site when the event is held.  Course setters and meet directors can obtain a copy of the permit for their events by requesting one from our Permits Coordinator.

Cost Reimbursement

The TOC may reimburse meet directors and course setters for direct costs, including travel, related to putting on an event.  If you have any questions regarding our reimbursement policy and restrictions, contact our Treasurer.

How-to Guides

How-to guides for course setting and meet directing can be found at the Documents, Guides, and Forms page.