Results are posted; see our separate article.  In the meantime we can use your help picking up control markers.  Should anyone wish to help out or practice their orienteering skills, or simply experience part of the course if they missed the event, please contact Larry at rlpederse (<at>) misericordia (<dot>)  edu and he can share which controls still need to be collected and get a map supplied to you.

With the scorching days of Summer coming, things will be slowing down a bit for orienteering in Arizona, with no events planned until late August.  Unfortunately our planned Bear Wallow event (scheduled July 17) had to be canceled.  Our next TOC O-event will be October 9 at Kentucky Camp, and we still need a couple volunteers to help make it happen.  The next GPHXO event will take place August 27 at Fort Tuthill (Flagstaff).  Please see our calendar for other upcoming events.

The weekend of October 17-18, 2015 saw an inaugural event take place within the Petrified Forest National Park borders. The Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club (GPHXO), with support from the Tucson Orienteering Club (TOC), hosted an “Arizona Event”- two days of orienteering featuring a 4 hour mini-rogaine each day.

A family trip to the Petrified Forest N.P. inspired Ron Birks to pursue staging an event in the park, as it offered room to run, challenging features and unique natural beauty, along with being dog-friendly. The park service expressed interest in hosting an event to draw visitors to the area and had a desire for further mapping of the backcountry. The project was initiated, with Ron taking on the bulk of mapping the proposed rogaine course countryside. Fortunately, this area has plenty of room for orienteers, so we were welcomed warmly by the national park staff each day.

As we transition into the new year it is time to reflect on this past year of making fun-filled orienteering events happen.   These events couldn't have happened without the time and sweat donated by a certain dedicated and generous group of TOC club members.  These awesome folks put on 8 orienteering meets last year, one of which was a regional event.

Fun hikes!  Field checking!  New areas of the park!  Please join the team!

This spring I started a project to extend our map of Catalina State Park. Ludwig Hill showed me how to use the Pima county data base to get elevation contours and with that and USGS aerial photographs I extended the existing map in the northwest corner of the park. Ludwig and Jeff Brodsky helped with field checking and we made some inroads to a final map.

The Tucson Orienteering Club is looking for enthusiastic new people to run our club, make events happen, and follow new visions!  Here are some of the activities that are available:

  • Board Member at Large 
  • Event Scheduler
  • Outreach/Publicity
  • President
  • New Member Contacts
  • Vice President
  • Volunteer Program

For volunteer job descriptions, go to our Volunteering page.  If you are interested in or have questions about these volunteer opportunities please contact one of our Officers.