2010 World Rogaine Championships
November 20-21, Cheviot, New Zealand

Pre-Race Report:  A few weeks ago, Mike Wilke asked me to participate with him in the 2010 World Rogaine Championships in New Zealand on November 20-21.  It would normally be a difficult decision to change plans and travel such a long distance for an event.  However, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to compete in one of orienteering's premier events.

The TOC has its own email discussion list to keep members informed about upcoming events, trainings, results, etc.  Currently there are over 100 members in our club, yet less than half have signed up to be part of our discussion list.  Are you one of those who might be missing out on the latest club related information?

Have you ever wanted to view or print one of our map files for a small club project or for your own personal training use, but couldn't because you didn't have the OCAD software or didn't have the time to learn how to use the full version of OCAD?  Well now you can!

Field checking generally occurs when the weather permits, and the best time of year for the Tucson Orienteering Club to accomplish this is usually during the cooler months from October through May.  The 2009-2010 mapping season was a productive one and included mapping at Catalina State Park, Ironwood Northern Extension, University of Arizona, and Reid Park.

The Tucson Orienteering Club improved three of its maps during the 2010-2011 mapping season: Cat Mountain, Reid Park, and Bear Wallow.  We also created "aerial photo" maps for several new venues.

Leif Lundquist went all out and set put on an orienteering meet for Peg Davis and Helen Deluga visiting in Stockholm. We had a great time trying to avoid the many bogs that we had never seen before. Luckily no moose were spotted on the course.  Click "Read more" for pictures. - Helen and Peg