The Tucson Orienteering Club has a new way to show off!  We can now proclaim our exciting and fun sport to passersby and participants alike with a bold, bright feather banner.

The Tucson Orienteering Club held its last board meeting on Thursday, July 21.  One of the important issues on the agenda was the new opportunities for change in leadership.  Several positions will be vacant next year.  Elections will be held at the Annual General Meeting on August 14.

While I was recently cleaning out my email I just happened to come across the following course setter's notes from Day 2 of our A-Meet in 2008.  I don't even remember if this version of the notes made it into the official event package, but I did find them to be an interesting and amusing re-read.  Here they are for your reading enjoyment!

We just added five more years worth of vintage newsletters to our digital collection.  These new additions cover the years 1997-2001 as well as filling in some of the missing issues from 2002.

We just completed our digital collection of newsletters!  This collection covers the entire period of the early existence of our orienteering club and spans the years from 1984 through 2010.

Course Setters and Meet Directors are the main reason that we are able to have our events.  Many members offer to help in other ways, which is nice, but it is impossible to schedule and actually put on an event unless someone takes charge for making it happen.