The Tucson Orienteering Club hosted a record 19 orienteering events in 2011.  The following individuals were crucial in making these orienteering events happen.

The new Cat Mountain map will be unveiled at our O-meet there this coming January!  I mapped it to the same general standards as our new map at Bear Wallow, but with infinitely better contour detail, similar to that of the new Catalina State Park map.

The TOC has its own email discussion list to keep members informed about upcoming events, trainings, results, etc.  Are you one of those who might be missing out on the latest club related information?

If you are a club member and you would like to subscribe to the Tucson Orienteering Club Group, send a short email message to the group moderator Jim Stamm.

"While the October Digital ONA has been available to [Orienteering USA] members as a member benefit for a week or so, it is now available to all members of the orienteering community.  Members of clubs can now have access to this magazine which is a wonderful, full-color edition with many wonderful articles, especially ones about our teams."    - Peter Goodwin, President, OUSA

The Tucson Orienteering Club has a new way to show off!  We can now proclaim our exciting and fun sport to passersby and participants alike with a bold, bright feather banner.

The Tucson Orienteering Club held its last board meeting on Thursday, July 21.  One of the important issues on the agenda was the new opportunities for change in leadership.  Several positions will be vacant next year.  Elections will be held at the Annual General Meeting on August 14.