Walking from the parking lot to the arena takes half an hour. It’s like rush hour in the middle of a large city; a steady stream of people flows from the parking field where thousands of cars stand in neat rows. We pass the bicycle parking where thousands of bicycles are lined up in equally neat rows. At the arena club banners are flying and early runners are already chasing the clock into the finishing lanes. A wide screen shows runners entering the arena, and speakers boom out the announcer’s narrative. This is the world’s largest O-meet. The final tally will be 21,172 orienteers from all over the world. Add spectators and officials and you’ll get close to 30,000 in all!

We just completed a big software upgrade to our website.  Hopefully you won't even notice.  However, if you do find problems with the way this site is working, please let the webmaster know so he can fix them.

We currently have openings for the following critical positions within our club.  All members are eligible to apply.

Club President (available now);

Permits Coordinator (available now);

Event Scheduler (available now).

The Tucson Orienteering Club hosted a record 19 orienteering events in 2011.  The following individuals were crucial in making these orienteering events happen.

The new Cat Mountain map will be unveiled at our O-meet there this coming January!  I mapped it to the same general standards as our new map at Bear Wallow, but with infinitely better contour detail, similar to that of the new Catalina State Park map.

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