As many of you know from watching the "soot devils" blowing through the seared and blackened landscape at our Greaterville orienteering event two years ago, the northwest corner of our Greaterville/Kentucky Camp map area was torched by wildfires in late Spring 2011.  Almost two years later, on a pleasant, sunny Sunday in late March 2013, five TOC mappers joined forces to field check this changed landscape and try to make the map right again.

The Tucson Orienteering Club hosted 11 days of orienteering events in 2012.  The following individuals were crucial in making these orienteering events happen!

Tucson Orienteering Club has approved Mark Everett as the new Permits Coordinator.  A regular at TOC events, Mark will be responsible for ensuring that we have the approval of federal, state, and local landowners for each of the orienteering events that we hold.  Without permits, we can't orienteer, so we are very thankful for Mark volunteering to help out!

Our event announcement emails have had a makeover!  We are now using Mail Chimp to manage our subscriber list and deliver colorful emails with nice formats and pictures.  If you're already on our email list, you have already seen the update, but if not, we would love to have you as a subscriber.  Sign up for our event email list directly from our home page, and don't miss any of the upcoming Tucson Orienteering Club activities!

We are happy to announce that Dave Follette is our new President of the Tucson Orienteering Club.  Along with a strong commitment to lead us into the future, he brings with him a few new ideas on how to use new technology to streamline the club’s activities.  Dave’s goals are to grow our membership base, young and old, and to get more people out on the great courses we have in the Tucson area.  If you want to become involved and help move our club forward, Dave would love to hear from you.

Walking from the parking lot to the arena takes half an hour. It’s like rush hour in the middle of a large city; a steady stream of people flows from the parking field where thousands of cars stand in neat rows. We pass the bicycle parking where thousands of bicycles are lined up in equally neat rows. At the arena club banners are flying and early runners are already chasing the clock into the finishing lanes. A wide screen shows runners entering the arena, and speakers boom out the announcer’s narrative. This is the world’s largest O-meet. The final tally will be 21,172 orienteers from all over the world. Add spectators and officials and you’ll get close to 30,000 in all!