The Tucson Orienteering Club is looking for enthusiastic new people to run our club, make events happen, and follow new visions!  Here are some of the activities that are available:

  • Board Member at Large 
  • Event Scheduler
  • Outreach/Publicity
  • President
  • New Member Contacts
  • Vice President
  • Volunteer Program

For volunteer job descriptions, go to our Volunteering page.  If you are interested in or have questions about these volunteer opportunities please contact one of our Officers.

It was Junior Nakai Lake’s first Night-O - and he won!  Nakai was recently named to the Junior National Team, which will give him access to national coach Erin Schirm, training camps, the USA team uniform, and support from his teammates.  To find out more about the Junior National Team, see the OUSA website.  Nakai was featured in the Prescott Daily Journal this week, and a radio interview on Tuesday morning. Nakai is coached by Glenn Haselfeld, who set our night-O courses.  Both Nakai and Glenn are members of the Greater Phoenix O Club and are frequent participants in Tucson O Club events.

As we transition into the new year it is time to reflect on another successful year of putting on fun-filled orienteering events.  It coudn't have happened without the time and sweat donated by a certain dedicated and generous group of TOC club members.  These awesome folks put on nine orienteering meets last year, one of which was a regional event.

The Tucson Orienteering Club is a non-profit organization which depends on member-volunteers who give a whole lot of their time behind the scenes working to run the club, make the maps, get the permits, set courses, and run the meets that you enjoy.  If you don't yet feel ready or have the time to take on any of these key volunteer activities yourself, you can still become a valuable part of making our events happen just by offering to help the meet director during a small part of the time that you show up for the event.

We just completed another big software upgrade to our website.  Hopefully you won't even notice.  However, if you do find problems with the way this site is working, please let the webmaster know so he can fix them.

Veteran club member Jeff Brucker explains orienteering (among other things) to radio listeners during an interview for the Jake Feinberg Show.  The discussion regarding orienteering starts at about three minutes into the recorded show.  Here's the link to the radio interview with Jeff.