The Tucson Orienteering Club is spiffing up its control markers by repairing them and replacing worn-out and missing components as the need arises.  New replacement code cards and "Do-Not-Remove" cards, along with other repair related components, are stocked in the Course Setter's bins that are in the Club's equipment storage unit.

In addition, we have recently removed all the tubular night reflectors that were permanently attached to many of the control markers.  In the past, these night reflectors made it hard for us to efficiently pack the control markers compactly in the bins and also made it more difficult for course setters to carry them in the field.  The tubular markers can now be easily and temporarily attached to the control markers by simply slipping them over the hang string during night-O events.

For directions and specifications on how to make the control marker cards, see the Control Marker Card Guidelines.

 Control Marker System