As we transition into the new year it is time to reflect on this past year of making fun-filled orienteering events happen.   These events couldn't have happened without the time and sweat donated by a certain dedicated and generous group of TOC club members.

Thank you to all of these key members who made our TOC orienteering events happen in 2016!

Course Setters:

Leif Lundquist (2-day event!)

Jeff Coker (training event)

John Little (training event)

Larry Petersen (2 events!)

Peter Hutter

John Pascal

Meet Directors:

Jeff Brucker

Barbara Bryant

Peg Davis

Mark Everett

Mike Thompson

Yvonne Poe

Gregg Townsend

Behind The Scenes:

Lois Kimminau (club treasurer)

Jeff Brodsky (membership chair)

Mark Everett (permits coordinator)

David Barfield (map librarian)

Jeff Brucker & Mike Thompson (equipment and storage)

Ludwig Hill (webmaster)