Fun hikes!  Field checking!  New areas of the park!  Please join the team!

This spring I started a project to extend our map of Catalina State Park. Ludwig Hill showed me how to use the Pima county data base to get elevation contours and with that and USGS aerial photographs I extended the existing map in the northwest corner of the park. Ludwig and Jeff Brodsky helped with field checking and we made some inroads to a final map.

Now I’ve taken this a step further and added elevation contours, some streams, trails for all of the rest of Catalina State Park north of the existing map.

Catalina State Park Map Extension


Catalina State Park (Park Boundary in Green)


With contour milestone reached, now it’s time for field checking. It’s a seasonal campaign over a large area, and it will take some time and effort. I have a plan, but for obvious reasons I can’t do much myself, at least not until I’m back in Arizona next January.  Even so, one man’s effort is not enough; we’ll need a team of people to make some headway. I can provide maps, plan campaigns, assist with parcel attack plans, explain how to use GPS, and do the OCAD cartography, all in concert with a project leader in Tucson.  Our map guru, Ludwig Hill, will also assist with mentoring and support.

Anyone who would be interested in (1) becoming project leader and/or (2) helping with field checking, or know of someone who is interested in either of these, please contact me.  I’ll be very happy to tell you more, but I can assure you that you will have a lot of fun hikes in areas of the park that you may not yet have seen.