The Tucson Orienteering Club hosted 11 days of orienteering events in 2012.  The following individuals were crucial in making these orienteering events happen!


Course Setters Meet Directors Behind The Scenes
Art Cantrell
Mark Everett
Don Fallis
Ludwig Hill (2 events)
John Little
Leif Lundquist
John Maier
Mark Parsons
John Pascal (NMO club)

Jeff Brucker
Barb Bryant (NEOC club)
Peg Davis (2 events)
Dave & Kate Follette
Mike King & Mike Koenig
John Maier
Mark Parsons
Margrit McIntosh & Pat Penn
Brad & Yvonne Poe
Pat & Gregg Townsend
Robin Vargyas (trainee)

David Barfield (map librarian)
Jeff Berringer (secretary/treasurer)
Jeff Brodsky (membership)
Dave Follette (president)
Ludwig Hill (permits, schedule, website)
Jim Stamm (e-groups)


Next time you see any of these generous folks please take a moment to give them a hearty "Thanks!"