The new Cat Mountain map will be unveiled at our O-meet there this coming January!  I mapped it to the same general standards as our new map at Bear Wallow, but with infinitely better contour detail, similar to that of the new Catalina State Park map.

If you have orienteered on our Ironwood Picnic Area map, then you will feel right at home deciphering the various types of washes, as I used close to the same mapping standards when deciding how to show them on this new map.  All of the denser areas of vegetation that typically represent the riparian areas (often referred to as "bosques" [bo SKAY]) along the mid-sized and larger washes have been mapped for your self-flagellation pleasure.  And yes, the rock detail!  Our new map has lots of it - stoney ground, bare rock, boulder clusters, rock faces, pillars, and cliffs.  There is also a very imposing crestate saguaro on the map.  This new map shows a nice selection of historic artifacts including our familiar line of abandoned utility poles, an old concrete-topped well (dry), a silted-in stone dam, and three stone building foundations at separate lonely sites.

The ever-nasty and devious jumping cholla cacti were not mapped as their legions are too numerous to quantify.  I became very practised and adept at removing them from my boots and pant legs while field checking for this map.

Be sure to mark your calendar for January 22 to check out all these new terrain features and more -- on the new Cat Mountain map!

A Small Portion of  the New Cat Mountain Map Featuring the Silted Dam Near the Center

Cat Mountain Sample Map