Read about the Tucson Orienteering Club and the sport of orienteering in the July/August 2021 edition of Desert Leaf  in their article "Orienteering: Competitive Hiking."

Tucson Orienteering Club member Leif Lundquist has just published an article about orienteering in the Swedish Press.  In their own words, Swedish Press is the world's leading magazine on all good things Swedish.  Public competitive orienteering, which has it's roots in Sweden, is one of those good things.  In the article Leif explains what orienteering is and some of it's history in both Sweden and North America.  The article also features both a map of the world's first public orienteering course near Stockholm (1919) and a map made by the Tucson Orienteering Club (2015)!  To read the full article go to the November 2019 issue of the magazine and read pages 18 and 19.

Carol Smythe made this video of her adventures on the yellow course during the Southwest Spring Week 2019 at Ironwood Picnic Area in the Tucson Mountains desert: 


The Tucson Orienteering Club will be taking a break during the hot months of summer, with no events planned until this coming October.  However if you are looking for an excuse to get away from the heat in southern Arizona just before the end of this summer, there will be two days of events in the cooler pine forests of Flagstaff hosted by the Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club in September.  Please see our calendar for this and other upcoming events.

Come join the Arizona State Museum for an exciting day of discovery, mapping and navigation at their March Map-ness event!  It will be free fun for the whole family.  For more details, see their event brochure.

If you are new to orienteering or have never tried it before, or you just want to get an audio-visual feel for what it's all about, then check out these two introductory videos (on our What is Orienteering? page).  In the first video Andreas Johansson, member at Northeast Ohio Orienteering Club (NEOOC), introduces orienteering with some of the basic stuff you might encounter at your first event.  The second video produced for the New York Times, provides another introductory view of our orienteering sport.  If you want to see even more videos about orienteering, visit Orienteering USA's Orienteering Videos page.