Here is a sampling of portions of a few of our orienteering maps:


Arthur Pack Regional Park
1:6000, 4ft contours

This small, almost completely flat park is located right on the edge of the city. The terrain is Sonoran desert bajada, which means that it's not only flat, but that the the primary navigational feature is the saguaro cactus (green dots).

Arthur Pack Park map sample

Catalina State Park
1:10000, 5m contours

Located just north of the city, tucked into the side of the Santa Catalina mountains, this park offers lots of contour and plenty of rock features. The vegetation here is slightly different from Arthur Pack - less cactus, more grass.

 Catalina State Park map sample

Kentucky Camp/Greaterville/Box Canyon
1:10000/1:15000, 5m contours

These three maps are part of a contiguous area in the foothills of the Santa Rita mountains, about 40 miles south of Tucson and about 1500' higher. This is mixed grassland and oak/juniper terrain, with ridge/reentrant style contours. This terrain is very open and runnable, with almost no cactus.

 Kentucky Camp map sample

Chimney Rock
1:10000, 5m contours

Chimney Rock is located in the pass to the northeast of Tucson, between the Santa Catalina Mountains and the Rincon Mountains. At around 4000', the vegetation is transitional between the maps near the city (Arthur Pack, Sweetwater, Ironwood) and the open grasslands to the South (Kentucky Camp, Greaterville, Box Canyon). This area has mixed grassland and trees, with a moderate number of smaller cacti, and a mix of contour-rich areas and less feature-dense areas.

 Chimney Rock map sample

Sweetwater Preserve
1:10000/1:5000 5m contours

Another desert area tucked away close to the city, with typical Sonoran desert vegetation, but more contour action than either Arthur Pack or Ironwood. We are generally restricted to on-trail use, but there are plenty of good trails for line-O orienteering. 

 Sweetwater Preserve map sample