Our Maps

For a list of driving directions to each of our venues (our "maps") go to our Directions page. Many of these directions include a link to a vicinity map where you can interactively zoom in on the map location and ask for more explicit directions on how to get there from your home address.

To see a few small samples of the orienteering maps used at our events, see our Orienteering Map Samples page. 


Permanent Course Map

The Tucson Orienteering Club maintains a permanent orienteering course at Greasewood Park.  For more information, see our Permanent Courses page.

How to Make a Street-O Map
For a handy reference on making your own street-O map, download a guide from the Documents, Guides, and Forms page.
For a somewhat superceded, but still useful (especially if you are using OCAD software) article on how to make a street-O map, see our Make a Street-O Map page.