Orienteering in the desert in May? Sure! Just start before it gets hot. We had 18 early birds at Greasewood Park, running either a score course or a special dogbones alternative. The dogbones are meant to add a bit more challenge and distance. You can see both maps (and maybe people's routes, if they upload them) on Livelox.
Four individuals/teams tried the dogbones course, which was easily won by new Tucson club member Alan Craig. We had 13 runners on the regular score course, including five Sahuarita JROTC team members and four runners from The Workout Group. The top male runner was Julian Almazon and the top woman was Heather McLean. The youngest participant was Lukas Luis (age 5).
We had 7 people volunteer for control retrieval, making it very quick indeed. Thanks to Alan, Dylan, Jason, Joe, Joan, Jennifer, and Anna!
Extra thanks to Jeff Brucker for very early morning help setting out the controls!
Dogbones   7 Bones total 1 hour limit
Name Club Bones Time
Alan Craig TSN 7 49:09
Team Dylan and Jason   7 59:56
Donald Traicoff TSN 4 49:30
Jeff Brucker TSN 7 1:12:25
Score   14 Controls 1 hour limit
Name Club Controls Time
Julian Almazon TSN/Sahuarita JTROTC 14 36:59:00
Caleb Forehand TSN/Sahuarita JTROTC 14 45:40:00
Joe Plassmann (WOG) 14 51:48:00
Jonah Forehand TSN/Sahuarita JTROTC 13 52:49:00
Heather McLean TSN 12 56:12:00
Shayla Blair TSN/Sahuarita JTROTC 12 44:33:00
Tristan Mercier TSN/Sahuarita JTROTC 12 59:22:00
Anna Martin (WOG) 11 47:30:00
Jennifer Garcia (WOG) 11 47:30:00
Judy Miller-Samuels TSN 11 52:25:00
Joan D'Alonzo (WOG) 10 54:43:00
Lukas Luis TSN 4 33:53:00
Peg Davis TSN 12 1:02:27