About 20 early birds headed to Linden Park this Mother's Day morning for the first street-o of the year. Participants were given a line map of the neighborhood and a list of matching questions to answer and had 45 min to collect as many points as possible. Despite the course setter's best intentions to make the questions unambiguous, a few gave some people a bit of trouble. Sorry! Next time I'll do better.

The top scores were posted by Jeff Coker and Nancy Coker, with Jeff coming very close to clearing the course—he missed one single 20-pointer. The most impressive performance of the day goes to the youngest members of the Osborn family, who covered over two miles with on the street-o and then ran several Animal-O courses.

In addition to the street-o we also had the Arizona debut of animal orienteering, a spatial game for younger kids. In animal-O there's no map. Instead, kids head out to find the 10 animals (pictures of animals on e-punch stands) and try to remember where they are. They then use a clue sheet with a list of animals and try to find them, in order, as quickly as they can. To make it even more fun we use e-punching, so the kids get beeps at each animal and a printout of their time at the end. We had five young participants on the animal-o courses, each running several times. Plan to see more animal-O at future events!

Want to host your own street event? See how easy it is to make your own map and let Cristina know what day you'd like to do it! You choose the time and place that works for you.

Results & Course Map

Name Score Time Penalty Total (420 max)
Jeff Coker 400 43   400
Nancy Coker 260 45   260
Joe Plassmann 240 45   240
Wayne Cottrell 260 47 -20 240
Garcia Family 230 44   230
Joan D'Alonzo 230 45   230
Peg Davis 220 46 -10 210
Jeff Brucker 240 50 -50 190
Donald Traicoff 140 42   140
Osborn Family 120 43   120
Animal-O (14 courses run)