Sunday April 11 the Tucson Orienteering Club hosted a Score-O at the Greaterville location on the eastern side of the Santa Rita Mountains.  Thirty nine orienteers participated in their choice of either a 1 or 2 hour event allowing each team or individual to establish their own route choice while visiting as many controls as possible during that time frame.  Twenty-two controls were placed on the course, each control assigned a point value with a total of 500 points possible on the course.  There was a 10 point deduction in total score for every minute or partial minute over the prescribed event time limit. The day was “Chamber of Commerce” perfect with temperatures in the 60’s-70’s, light cloud cover and very little wind.


Orienteering For Two on a Fine Warm Day in April (Photo Y. Poe) 

We welcomed several orienteers who had participated in our introductory classes and took the next step in coming out to Greaterville.  Way to step it up…you did GREAT!  We also welcomed two younger orienteers, Lukas of Team Lukas and Amelia Holmes of Team Ruination.  Both of these amazing orienteers helped lead their teams to 1st and 2nd place finishes in their respective divisions.  Peg Davis held a beginners clinic attended by Gregg Jarrette who then went out and bagged 12 controls as his “final exam”.  Way to go Gregg!  Orienteers came from California and New Mexico to participate in the event and we welcome you all.

Participants were told that a 1 ounce gold nugget had been found on the course two weeks earlier by an amateur miner and to keep an eye out.  While nobody admitted to finding any gold, a couple of the orienteers found some of the event-themed painted rocks left on the course by Yvonne Poe.  Many of the orienteers described the course as rugged and hilly, but the common theme was smiles and a sense of accomplishment.

Jeff Coker cleared the 2 hour course in an amazing 82 minutes visiting all 22 controls while amassing the maximum 500 points (see his route here).  Carrying the flag for the Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club was Dan Yamashiro who also cleared the course in 115 minutes followed by Cristina Luis who was the first female finisher having cleared the course in 117 minutes (see her track here).  Jeff Brodsky visited 17 controls with a score of 400 points as the 3rd male finisher while Nancy Coker was the 2nd ranked female with 340 points having visited 13 controls.  Ten teams of two or more orienteers ventured onto the course with Sahuarita #2 scoring 340 points to lead the division.  Team Ruination visited 15 controls and amassed 310 points to rank 2nd among the teams in the 2 hour event.  Team Lukas was the 1st ranked team in the 1 hour event.

We would like to thank all participants for attending the Greaterville event.  Thanks as well to everyone for masking and social distancing during this Covid crisis.  Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

It takes a village to put on an orienteering meet.  Tucson Orienteering Club exists due to its volunteers and events would not be possible without them.  We would like to thank Ludwig Hill for his help with event write-ups, result postings and general IT help. Mark Everett gets a big shout out for his assistance with permits.  Peg Davis held a Beginner’s Clinic and the results from her student were remarkable.  Thank you Peg! We appreciate Cristina Luis’s assistance with preregistration set-up and Jeff Brodsky for event publicity.   Course design, setting, vetting and holding an intermediate level orienteering clinic after the event was graciously and patiently performed by Jeff Brucker.  Newer orienteers should keep these post-event clinics in mind when Jeff is at the meets.  Jeff’s two grandsons Degan and Eli Gurnett helped with setting controls the day prior to the event and we look forward to seeing them run courses in the future.  We would also like to thank Nancy and Jeff Coker and Dan Yamashiro for helping with control retrieval after running the event.

As meet directors, we know you are physically tired after participating and how much extra effort it takes to go back out and retrieve controls.  For you newer orienteers, look at control retrieval as “free” orienteering practice….I encourage you to sign up after the next meet.  Go after a few of the controls you weren’t able to visit during your timed event for some additional practice.


1 HOUR SCORE-O      
Team Lukas 20 1 - T 00:20:00
2 HOUR SCORE-O      
Jeff Coker 500 1 - M 82:25:00
Daniel Yamashiro 500 2 - M 115:23:00
Cristina Luis 500 1 - F 117:08:00
Jeff Brodsky 400 3 - M 119:20:00
Sahuarita #2 340 1 - T 113:42:00
Nancy Coker 350-10 =   340 2 - F 120:40:00
Ruination 310 2 - T 108:25:00
Come Look for Us 260 3 - T 116:00:00
Sahuarita #1 210 4 - T 106:10:00
Donald Traicoff 190 4 - M 109:00:00
The Gila Monsters 180 5 - T 110:00:00
Gregg Jarrette 220-40 =   180 5 - M 124:00:00
KrisAnn Traicoff 230-50 =   180 3 - F 125:00:00
Heather McLean 160 4 - F 112:25:00
The Highlanders 150 6 - T 113:50:00
Michael Gurevich 150 6 - M 119:00:00
Peg Davis 200-60 =   140 5 - F 125:10:00
Doug & Jen 110 7 - T 91:25:00
Freedom Fighters 150-60 =     90 8 - T 125:41:00
Tom Boucher 80 7 - M 69:15:00
Pat Penn 50 6 - F 98:00:00
Wayne Cottrell 210-190 =     20 8 - M 139:00:00
Sahuarita #3 120-230 =       0 9 - T 142:40:00
Margrit McIntosh REC