Orienteering is back in Tucson after almost a year-long break! With new protocols in place to make our events as safe as possible we were able to have over 60 people out enjoying Catalina State Park. Except for the masks (and the hand sanitizer, and the start windows...) it was almost like Before Times.

Erik Ringnes on the course at Catalina State Park

In order to keep things simple there were only three offerings today: short (3.8km) and long (6.9km) advanced courses in traditional point-to-point format, and a 90-minute score course for all abilities. This format lessened the workload for the course setter and control retrievers and still offered great choices for participants. What did you think? Let us know whether you loved it or hated it!

A control at Catalina State Park

The courses today were set by Cristina Luis while Melissa Trout took on meet director duties. She was aided in registration and start/finish by out-of-town visitor (from Germany!) Caroline Luis, as well as Jeff Coker, Nancy Coker, and KrisAnn Traicoff. Helping to pick up controls were Aleksey Sabunin, Gavin Wyatt-Mair, Amy Winston & John Crowther, and Jeff & Nancy Coker. A bit shoutout to the crew from Sahuarita JROTC for helping with setup before registration opened.

Lukas helping out

Due to a non-optimal timing situation, times in the results are listed to the closest minute (ish) and there are sure to be mistakes. Let us know if there's something you'd like changed!

These courses are available for viewing on Livelox. If you tracked your run on the long or short course you can also upload your route to Livelox and compare with other competitors.  

Long Course  --  6.9km / 13 Controls  

Place Name Minutes
1 Aleksey Sabunin 59
2 Jeff Coker 62
3 Ron Birks 77
4 Troy Bozarth 87
4 Rex Winterbottom 87
6 John Crowther 98
7 Charlie Shahbazian 103
8 Bruce Metz 118
9 Erik Ringnes 127
10 Brooke Mann 138
  Peg Davis DNF


Short Course  --  3.8km / 8 Controls  

Place Name Minutes
1 Gavin Wyatt-Mair 62
2 Nancy Coker 72
2 Brian Durrell 72
4 Steve Willman 78
5 Kathy Bannister 97
6 Team Safari 102
8 Gary Hickey 117
9 Mike and Joyce Cagle 162
  Amy Winston DNF


90-minute Score-O    

Name time (minutes) # controls
Jeff Brodsky 90 13
Valerie Metz 76 11
Shane Lacenienta 81 11
Julian and Hyrum 82 11
Nicole Traicoff 86 11
Tom Boucher 89 10
Briana and Troy 85 9
Heather McLean 86 9
Telia and Justin 87 9
Doug Neill and Jen Miller 87 9
American Heritage Girls Team 2 90 9
Team Scorpions 93 9
Shayla and Sarah 86 7
Jack Sparks 88 7
Mejias 90 7
Wayne Cottrell 106 (OVT) 7
Judy Miller-Samuels 83 6
Brent Nebeker 98 6
Emily, Daisy and Rebecca 80 5
Kimberley McElroy 81 5
Highlanders 89 5
Larry Wippman Rec Rec
Betty DeThomasis Rec Rec
Helen Deluga Rec Rec