The Santa Catalina mountains provided the backdrop for a perfect fall day of orienteering at Catalina State Park!  We had a great turn out of both new and veteran orienteers. 

Zeba Basu, a first time orienteer, cleared the short course in the fastest time.  Kevin Adams made the trip down from Flagstaff to claim the title on the medium course.  And Erik Ringes, out of Phoenix, bested the field on the long course.  Several orienteers were lucky enough to encounter a roving herd of javelina and we had a freeloader try to get in on the action (see pic).  Special thanks to Kevin Adams and Gregg Townsend for helping with control pick-up! It was great to meet new orienteers and catch up with old friends.  Keep up with the Tucson Orienteering Club on the club’s website (, Facebook and Meetup for notices on future events.  The Phoenix Orienteering Club also has a few events in the near future.  We hope to see everyone at a future orienteering event!

Results for each course are posted below.

Mountains and Meadow at Catalina State Park

Colorful Fall Terrain at Catalina State Park (Photo by J. Coker)


Preying Mantis on Control Bag

A Preying Mantis Checks Out One of Our Control Markers Hoping to Find Lost Prey (Photo by J. Coker)


  Short (2.0 km / 10 m climb)  
1 Zeba Basu 1:17:18
2 Kimberly McElroy 1:18:49
3 Team Coyotes 1:44:35
4 Team Bobcats 1:55:45
5 Gail Brodsky DNF
   Medium (4.34 km / 60 m climb)  
1 Kevin Adama 1:04:40
2 Team Rickel 1:32:42
3 Michael Gurevitch 1:35:50
4 Team H 1:39:30
5 Nicole Traicoff 1:41:00
6 Susan Wenberg 1:41:40
7 Team Roadrunners 2:03:25
8 Woodward Family 2:03:30
9 Helen Deluga 2:03:45
10 John and Diane 2:14:50
11 Randy and Chuck 2:37:30
12 Team Slobbering Dogs 2:49:31
13 Kim Curie DNF
14  Kimberly McElroy DNF
   Long (5.97 km / 100 m climb)  
1 Erik Ringes 1:28:55
2 Jeff Brucker 1:38:26
3 Jeff Brodsky 1:44:38
4 Robere Miller 2:09:30
5 Mike & Mike 2:36:30
6 Mike Cagle 2:51:40
7 John Little DNF
8 Peg Davis DNF