The previous day’s rain cleared up and left us with a cool, crisp sunny morning for running classic courses on the subtle terrain.  John Little set White, Yellow, Orange, Green and Red courses to challenge runners of various abilities.  Jessica Walker joined us for the first time and was well instructed by Nancy Coker, who stepped up to perform the beginner clinic.  Nancy did an excellent job coaching and Jessica went on to complete 3 courses!  [Photos by Yvonne Poe.]



A Little Instruction On Orienteering

Nancy Coker Provides Instruction to Jessica Walker


As runners finished their courses, they compared routes and unintentional additions to their route choices over cookies and hot cider.  As John Little had cautioned competitors, staying in close contact with the map was imperative.  Mark Everett, Max Suter, Ludwig Hill and Brad Poe were our control retrievers, which was much appreciated.


Racing Down an Embankment

Raiders Heading in to the Finish


At the Finish Table

Max Suter Finishes his Run on the Red Course as Co-Director Brad Poe Records his Time


1F Jessica Walker 35:30
1T Raiders 84:12
  Jessica Walker Rec
1M Gregg Townsend 66:35
1T Leo-Followers 79:30
1F Pat Penn 90:59
2F GeeGee Larrington          95:00
3F Margrit McIntosh 134:00
  Michael Thompson DNF
  Jessica Walker Rec
  Raiders Rec
1M John Pascal 96:22
1F Nancy Coker 98:20
2M Peter Hutter 163:25
2F Claudia Rickel 168:01
1M Mark Everett 58:45
2M Ludwig Hill 68:33
3M Max Suter 112:32
4M Larry Pedersen 180:35
  Jeff Brucker DNF