57 people (60 with the setter and co-directors) showed up to this annual classic Orienteering event and Motala (3 participants), set for the 8th year by our now permanent Arizona resident, John Pascal.  Welcome to Arizona, John!

Finisher Kudos first to:
    JrROTC Jose Capestani who creamed the Orange in 56 minutes.
    Brad Poe who was the only Motala finisher.
    All who completed the very challenging Orange Course.
    John for his textbook Red Course which got accolades from all finishers.

Two Junior ROTC groups filled out our ranks with 18 runners from Buena (Sierra Vista) High School with their leader Monty McDaniel, and Maryvale (Phoenix) High School lead by Daryl Yost.  The new waiver forms signed by parents made Registration of these groups run smoothly.

The clouds may have looked threatening, but they never delivered on the 10-20% chance of rain.  Things warmed up in the registration area every time the sun peaked out, but the clouds and cool temperature kept the running/walking/slogging through Cat Claw and grass seeds at a rather optimal temp for the participants.

Some Cat Claw bushes served as phlebotomists as several competitors obviously donated blood to their cause.  And a number of participants had tennis shoes that Ludwig suggested, and we agreed, looked like Chia pets with grass seeds massed across the toes of their shoes.  Interestingly, some people plan to throw away their shoes, but several sat resting up as they patiently picked out their shoes, socks and pant cuffs.  Perhaps they might remember to bring their gators next year as John Pascal said he’d be happy to set Catalina State Park again next November!

Because those challenging courses wore out some of our most reliable competitors, it was hard to recruit volunteers for Control Retrieval, however Ludwig Hill with his usual fast time could rest up and stayed around to retrieve. Co-Director Jeff Brucker who manned the Start/Finish table the entire morning was eager to get some non-competitive exercise and gathered in half of the 44 controls, mostly in the out-lying areas.  He was familiar with some of them because he also vetted about half the course for John.  Thank you again, Jeff!  A very tired Brad Poe cheerfully agreed to gather 10 White and Yellow controls and then 3 more, still with a smile. Thanks, Peg Davis, for so ably conducting the Beginner’s Clinic once again.

Catalina State Park is a great venue to promote Orienteering.  There were many hikers, especially women, who stopped to learn about our sport/recreation.  The 3 remaining Orienteering brochures in our supply are gone.  I hope some of the enquirers will show up for Ironwood December 14.

Brad and Yvonne Poe will be Meet Directors for John Little’s Ironwood Picnic Area event, and they are planning to bring Christmas cookies and hot apple cider!  Let’s hope we have a good turn-out again at this last event at the old fees.  Don’t forget to renew your membership for 2015 ($12 Individual, $18 Family).

Thank you to all the Volunteers above!!  A final thank-you for all those volunteers who have gone before who have created such a well-organized equipment locker (Jeff Brucker, currently) and crystal clear instructions that makes the Meet Director job easy.

GeeGee Larrington and Jeff Brucker
Co-Meet Directors


White 2.0km, 120 meters climb Time
1M Trevor Sheffield 0:21:17
1F Julie Rickel 0:25:28


Yellow 2.8km, 100 meters climb Time
1T Suicide Squad 0:32:12
1M Brad Poe 0:32:54
2M Jose Capestani 0:33:02
3M Ricardo Damiani 0:36:25
4M Jeffrey Chang 0:39:08
5M Adrian Garlant 0:42:02
6M Pavel Safar 0:45:15
1F Jeannette Morino 0:46:37
7M Justin Chambers 0:49:01
2T Panther Training 1:01:11
8M Trevor Sheffield 1:02:20
3F Dela Torre 1:05:46
9M Ulysse Roman 1:11:03
3T H & M 1:15:58
4F Kay Mathieson 1:28:12
  Gail Brodsky REC
  Thundercats REC
  Yuleisy Osorio REC


Orange 3.4km, 150 meters climb Time
1M Jose Capestani 0:56:17
2M Brad Poe 1:03:02
3M Monty McDaniel 1:04:11
4M Gregg Townsend 1:13:07
1F Alexis Mills 1:25:19
5M Daryl Yost 1:29:04
6M Jeffrey Chang 1:29:20
7M Ricardo Damiani 1:40:10
8M Arturo Soto 1:43:28
1T The Tao of Leo 1:51:43
2F Peg Davis 2:11:56
  Adrian Garlant REC
  Cheech and Chong REC
  Dela Torre REC
  Grady Rhodes REC
  Helen Deluga REC
  Jeannette Moreno REC
  Justin Chambers REC
  Lord Voldemort's Army REC
  Panther Training REC
  Pavel Safar REC
  Suicide Squad REC
  Trevor Sheffield REC


Green 4.5km, 195 meters climb Time
1M John Little 1:30:13
2M Greg Townsend 2:02:58
1F Claudia Rickel 2:32:55
1T Hutter/Bohjanen 2:59:45
  Michael Gurevitch DNF


Red 5.7km, 185 meters climb Time
1M Ludwig Hill 1:05:19
2M Don Fallis 1:24:21
3M Jeff Brodsky 1:35:30
4M Brad Poe 1:36:47
5M Dave Follette 1:38:06
1T Kokapeli 2:53:58
  Joseph Morales DNF
  Suicide Squad REC


Motala   *Red *Orange *Yellow *Total
1M Brad Poe 1:36:47 1:03:02 0:32:54 3:12:43
  Joseph Morales DNF REC REC REC
  Suicide Squad REC REC 0:32:12 REC
* Red 5.7 km 185 meters climb
* Orange 3.4 km 150 meters climb
* Yellow 2.8 km 100 meters climb
* Total 11.9 km 435 meters climb


Total Starts: 57