Kentucky Camp was beautiful to look at, with lush, tall grass (chest-high for me!) and fields of golden flowers, but it made for challenging cross-country travel and six DNFs among the twenty-five orienteers who thrashed their way around the four courses set by Larry Pedersen.  Thanks, Larry, for all the hard work, including retrieving a few of the more remote controls.

Competition was keen on the long/red course, with Ludwig Hill coming in first in 64:53, followed by Jeff Brucker and Brad Poe about 8 and 12 minutes later, respectively. The brown course had one less control than red, and Jeff Brodsky came in first in 78:42. There were four DNFs on orange (including me, after I tripped in the grass and did a face plant), but Dave Follette managed to get the fastest time (112:20) carrying his son Alex in a backpack, followed by just one other finisher, Raymond Gaspardo of Sierra Vista in 122:52.

Thanks so much to codirector Pat Townsend, who picked up the equipment, set up registration with her husband, Greg, and did timing, allowing me to attempt the orange course. Unfortunately, she and Greg were forced to retrieve several controls because we did not have enough volunteers. I was happy to help but was not feeling well and had trouble finding a few on my own. Then a thunderstorm rolled in, so many controls were left behind.  Please, please, if you want to continue having regular meets, volunteer at registration to help with control retrieval. It's too much to ask of the meet directors and course setter. Thank you, Ludwig, Larry, Jeff Brucker, and whoever else volunteered.

Hope to see you all again next year.    --Alexis Mills


Red/Long Course (5.9 km, 120 m climb, 11 controls)

1      Ludwig Hill   64:53
2  Jeff Brucker      73:29
3  Brad Poe  77:30
   Paul Hoyt  DNF


Brown Course (4.4 km, 80 m climb, 10 controls)

1      Jeff Brodsky  78:42
2  Bob Walsh  87:15
3  Claudia Rickel  127:43
T1  Peter Hutter and Sharon Benjamin      102:39
   Davis  DNF
   Greg Townsend  DNF


Orange/Medium Course (4.4 km, 100 m climb, 12 controls)

1      David Follette (and Alex!)      112:20
2  Raymond Gaspardo  122:52
   Alexis Mills  DNF
   Scorpions  DNF
   Rudy Drahovzal  REC
   John Rickel  REC


White/Short Course (3.4 km, 60 m climb, 9 controls)

1      Davis  121:14
   Gail Brodsky  REC
   Jeanne Walsh      REC