The event at Slavin Gulch took place under some wonderful and much appreciated cloud cover last weekend. The area was beautiful and the courses were challenging and fun. Approximately 20 people ventured out to the foothills of the Dragoon Mountains to experience the five courses designed by Larry Pedersen, setting in Arizona for the first time.  Larry even talked some of the people camping in the area to try orienteering for the first time and they had a great time!


Running to the First Control

An Orienteer Running Towards the First Control - Photo by Ludwig Hill


As usual there are many people to thank for helping make this event possible. A huge thanks to Larry Pedersen for the countless hours he spent in the area designing and setting the courses.  Thank you to Peg Davis for being the co-meet director and to Alexis Mills for helping with registration. Thanks to our control collectors, Ludwig Hill, Peter Hutter, Mike Cagle, Gregg Townsend & Peg Davis, for helping Larry and I collect the controls. We even made it out before the thunderstorm hit. Thank you to Ross Burnett, who traveled all the way from the Yukon, for helping us struggle to put up the shade cover, surprisingly unneeded due to the clouds. And a special thanks again to Larry for providing the opportunity for some great “couple” time to Jeff Coker and I while we completed the vetting. If you missed the event this year, make sure to put it on your calendar and make the drive out to Slavin Gulch next time, because it is a very interesting and scenic area in which to orienteer!

- Nancy Coker, directing her first Arizona meet



Red Course *
Ludwig Hill 117
Mike Cagle DNF
Green Course *
Ross Burnett 93
Peter Hutter DNF
Kate Follette DNF
Dave Follette DNF
Orange Course *
Alexis Mills 138
Gregg Townsend 177
Michael Rule DNF
Beauty and… DNF
Yellow Course *
Kent Davis 122
White Course *
Greenough Family          46
Marah Team DNF

*In minutes or “Does Nimbly Frolic”