Question: What does a manufacturer of electrical boxes, a "You Are Here" map, Bad Betch 2's parking chock, an ice machine, some chimney vents and roof water drains, and Athena's sculpture all have in common?

Answer: Each of these were things associated with control locations that were mentioned in snatches of the lively post-course route discussions heard around the finish area at our University of Arizona Urban Score-O.

Interesting as these memorable things were, it was commented that the most entertaining discussion of all concerned what was written on the sign nearest the trash can at parking lot level 4.

 Gnomon Control

The Gnomon Control - "In Matters Orienteering, Time Is More Precious When Lost" - Photo by Ludwig Hill

We had hoped for a few more folks to show up, but as it turned out an enthusiastic 16 participants enjoyed bright, comfortable weather for an early-morning score-O April 27th on a very quiet University of Arizona campus.  Each visit to a control was confirmed not by punching a scorecard but instead by circling an answer on a list of questions.  To simplify the timing we did a mass start and instead of recording finish times I just had every finisher place their question sheet on top of the pile in a box, thus establishing a ranking order by who returned before whom.

Congratulations to the following top finishers:  First Place - Mark Everett.  Second - Jeff Coker.  Third - Don Fallis.  These three lightning-quick hombres found all 29 controls and correctly answered all the questions for the highest possible of 290 points.

In addition to the healthy sport of competition some folks really enjoyed the sights.  Bob Walsh in particular enjoyed visiting the "tree" controls so much that he sent me the following email message after running the O course:

"This morning I finished running the U of A orienteering course.  I had a great time but even more so since I am one of the tour guides for the University's Arboretum.  Throughout the year we give tours of the Arboretum which include Trees around the World, Tropical Plants, Edible Plants, Arboretum History, Medicinal Plants, Sonoran Desert Plants and more.  These tours encompass the exact same area as does our orienteering map.  Just by looking at the map I could answer 3 of the plant related questions without visiting them (but in the interest of fair play I did anyway).  One of the answers  was the "Horseradish Tree"  ... did you know that the leaves on this tree have 7 times the vitamin C of an Orange, 4 times the vitamin A of a Carrot, 4 times the Calcium of Milk. 2 times the potassium of a banana ... it is also known as Moringa and the dried leaves sell for about $35 a pound?  Perhaps in the future Tucson Orienteering and the Arboretum could join forces in putting on a cool Arboretum O.  If you are interested in taking an arboretum tour visit us at and look under Outreach."

If you weren't able to attend or you'd like to take a second look at the course then you may download the course map, the question sheet, and the answers for this event from the Permanent Courses page of this website.  Because the controls are permanent features of the campus, they remain in place and you can visit or revisit this course anytime.

Much thanks to Mark Everett for obtaining permission for us to hold our event on the U of A campus and to Peg Davis for helping with registration.  Also kudos to those who helped with scoring: Jeff Brodsky, Jeff & Nancy Coker, Peg Davis, and Michael Rule.  Finally, thanks to everyone who toted equipment back to my car.


Rank Name Correct Incorrect Late Penalty Total Score Finish Order
1M Mark Everett 290     290 1
2M Jeff Coker 290     290 2
3M Don Fallis 290     290 3
4M Bob Walsh 290     290 4
5M Gregg Townsend 290     290 6
6M Jeff Brodsky 290     290 7
7M John Sabatine 290     290 15*
1F Nancy Coker 280 -10   270 8
2F Claudia Rickel 230     230 9
8M Michael Rule 210     210 12*
3F Peg Davis 190     190 10
4F Jeanne Walsh 100 -20   80 11
REC David Barfield          
REC Maggie Kunsemuller          
REC Larrington Team          

*Started after the mass start.