We couldn’t have had better weather on March 16, 2014, when twenty-three orienteers took on the tough, hilly course.  There were a few last minute revisions to the control descriptions, in part due to a wet storm that had come through two weeks prior to the event.  As Murphy’s Law would have it, the Murphy control we had set was now in the middle of a pond!  Our vettor, Max Suter, had relocated the control to the East side of the formerly dry pond-a far more reasonable location given the circumstances.

Competitors received their maps and had 15 minutes to strategize about which route to take before the mass start.  Control values ranged from 10-40 points, with the 27 controls yielding a total point value of 660 points.  Ludwig Hill scored exactly half the amount of possible points (330) to win the 2-hour category.  Jeff Brucker scored 430 points to win the 4-hour event, running to finish just under the wire, causing much excitement.

Refreshments were set up in the shade, along with an unhappy shamrock plant (which has since bounced back), allowing participants to socialize, compare route choices and picnic.  As many of you are aware, this was our first time setting a course, and we want to thank everyone for their constructive comments.  We especially want to acknowledge Max Suter, who spent 14 hours verifying the placement of our flagging tape, hanging the controls and staking claim to the Start location (camping out).  Much appreciation goes to Ludwig Hill for improving the base map, which had not been revised in several years.  We had a lot of fun setting the course and hope you all enjoyed running it.

Photo Gallery

The following photos of the 2014 St. Patrick's Day Cave Creek event were taken by Yvonne Poe.  To see the full-size pictures, click on the thumbnails.

Meet Director's Shamrock Plant Mountain View Meadow View View From the Start Area Valley View

Meet Director Yvonne Poe's Lucky Shamrock Plant

Montain View Showing Some Climb
Control Marker in a Meadow Scenic View from the Start Area  Mountain View with Deceptively Runnable Terrain in the Foreground
Course Setter Brad Control on Tree A Water Control Small Pond Mineral Water Fall
Course Setter Brad Poe Blends In While Hanging Bags Control Marker Hanging from a Tree Water Control AKA "Murphy"
 Small Pond Feature
Waterfall Feature with Mineral Deposits
Snacking Orienteers Orienteers Resting Small Waterfall Large Waterfall  
Orienteers Hanging Around the Snack Table More Post-Race Orienteer Shenanigans
Small Waterfall Feature Little Bit Bigger Waterfall Feature


Some of the controls shown in the below histogram were visited only once (by Jeff Brucker in many cases).  Five controls were never visited (LG was a tough sell).  KD wins, with EK close behind.  To see the full-size pictures, click on the thumbnails.

Histogram of Control Visits Truncated Score-O Map      

Histogram Showing How Many Times Each Control was Visited

Truncated Score-O Course Map

2-Hour Event

Name  Place 
 Total Time (Min) 
 Penalty (Pts) 
 Total Points 
Ludwig Hill 1 M 112* 0 330
Jeff Brodsky 2 M 111* 0 260
John Little 3 M 117* 0 220
Paul Hoyt 4 M 109* 0 180
Asher Benter 5 M 113* 0 150
Larry Petersen 6 M 124 40 90
Gail Brodsky 1 F 93 0 40
Team Colmer 1 T 86* 0 30
Mich. Gurevitch 2 T 128 80 30

4-Hour Event

Name  Place 
 Total Time (Min) 
 Penalty (Pts) 
 Total Points  
Jeff Brucker 1 M 239 0 430
Michael Cagle 2 M 225* 0 310
Gerry Bach 3 M 226* 0 310
Leif Lundquist 4 M 132* 0 250
Si Se Puede 1 T 232* 0 130
Pete & Judy 2 T 134 0 80
Tim Raymond 5 M 147 0 60
M. Lichtenbarger 6 M 142* 0 50
Kent Davis 7 M 168 0 50

* Murphy Control – 5 minute bonus time subtracted.