The Southwest Spring B-Meet went very well.  We had 105 particpants on Saturday, 121 on Sunday, and 29 on Monday. The number of visiting clubs was about 35, from as far as Alaska, Canada, Georgia, and New England to name just a few.

 Early Starters

Early Morning Starters Doing the "Clear and Check" Thing Before Picking Up Their Maps (Photo by Yvonne Poe)

Thanks to all of the following folks who helped make this event possible:

John Little, Max Suter, Ludwig Hill, and Michael Rule helped by hanging 65 controls.  Valerie Meyer let us use her SI-equipment on very generous terms.  The Junior Team retrieved controls on Saturday and Sunday; and Ludwig Hill, Max Suter, Jeff Coker, Peter Graube, and Don Fallis collected controls on Monday.  Margrit McIntosh and Kay Mathiesen ran the registration table; and Jeff Brucker, Peg Davis, and Don Fallis directed our three-day event.

For Junior Training Camp news and photos, click here.

Matched Pair of Orienteers

A Matched Pair of Happy Orienteers (Photo by Leif Lundquist)


Pre-Race Discussion

Having a Pre-Race Discussion On How to Use the Electronic Punch System (Photo by Yvonne Poe)


Control Alongside Stream

A Control Alongside a Desert Stream - Just Waiting for You to Punch (Photo by Leif Lundquist)


Here are the final results for the Southwest Spring B-Meet:

Day 1 Long: Results / Splits

Day 2 Classics: Results / Splits

Day 3 Mass Starts: Results / Splits