These photographs, taken by Leif Lundquist and Ludwig Hill, show scenes from the Cat Mountain Classic-O event in January 2014.

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First Leg on Orange/Green/Red

The Very Fun First Leg on the Orange, Green, and Red Courses (Graphic by L. Hill)


The First Leg - What it Looks Like in the Terrain

The First Leg - What it Looks Like in the Terrain (Photo by L. Hill)


Congregation at the Start

"Crowd" of Orienteers at the Start Area (Photo by L. Hill)



Here Take This It Contains All You Need to Know (Photo by L. Hill)


Brad and Yvonne

It's Gotta Be Here Somewhere (Photo by L. Hill)


Activity Near CP #1

Approaching This Control and Heading Off Into the Distance Towards the Next Control (Photo by L. Hill)


Course Setter Ludwig

Course Setter Looking Down Over His Devilish Handiwork (Photo by L. Lundquist)


Happy Orienteers

Your Typical Friendly Orienteer Types (Photo by L. Lundquist)


TOC Banner

The TOC Banner Goes Good With Scenic Terrain (Photo by L. Lundquist)


Cat Mountain

Cat Mountain Viewed From the Finish Location (Photo by L. Hill)