We had 37 people show up on a sunny, 70-degrees day. The walk to the start was actually about 25 minutes, much uphill. Thankfully five strong people showed up early to help me carry the stuff. Whew! Next time I will trim the equipment down to two backpacks.

Quite a few newcomers showed up, who mostly did the yellow course. Thanks to Ludwig for setting the courses. I did not have quite enough time for Red, so I did the Green course. As always with Ludwig's courses, everything was exactly in the correct location, with numerous route choices. No one actually completed the orange course, perhaps because relocating is so difficult in this area. It's a pretty big jump from yellow to orange. I am planning on teaching an intermediate skills class in the near future, so look for the announcement soon.

Thanks to the following: Max Suter, the team of Gary & Larry and the team of Feeling Puny helped carry the registration and timing paraphernalia to the start. Max Suter manned the timing table. Peg Davis (who also led the beginners' clinic), John Little, Mark Everett, and several others whose names I didn't write down helped carry the stuff back down to the parking lot. Yvonne and Brad Poe, Leif Lundquist, the team of David & Ryan, and the Moores helped with retrieval. Yours truly needed to get some more miles in so I leisurely collected the remaining far controls. 

To see the photos, click here!


Name Rank Elapsed
White Course - 1.9 km
Team Roadrunners T1 0:40:50
Team Bad Kitties T REC
Yellow Course - 2.7 km
Team Feeling Puny T1 1:05:51
Team Bad Kittties T REC
Team Larry & Gary M REC
Orange Course - 4.0 km
Michael Rule M DNF
Mike Thompson M DNF
Gee Gee Larrington F REC
Team David & Ryan T REC
Team Natalie Bown T REC
Team The Moores T REC
Green Course -4.5 km
Jaxon Rickel M1 1:05:33
Jeff Brucker M2 1:21:39
John Little M3 1:40:58
Claudia Rickel F1 2:00:49
Leif Lundquist M4 2:01:28
Kathy King F2 2:13:09
Nancy Coker F REC
Red Course - 5.3 km
Mark Everett M1 0:57:12
Max Suter M2 1:23:30
Brian Durell M3 1:33:14
Mike Bertran M4 1:37:03
Don Fallis M5 1:39:09
Jeff Brodsky M6 1:51:49
Team Tubac T1 1:59:12
Peg Davis F1 2:12:16
Larry Pederson M DNF