It was a really beautiful day on the mountain. High temperature in the 70's and a crisp blue sky. We had a good turnout, forty eight orienteers comprising sixteen teams and eight individuals. Bear Wallow is challenging terrain...steep forested hillsides, often covered in pine needles, plus the usual rocky assortment of cliffs and boulders. The vegetation was for the most part open forest with good visibility.

Ludwig Hill set very interesting and challenging Goat/Kid courses. There was a lot of variety, and each leg was interesting, requiring good navigation with a minimum of lost distance. The Goat was especially competitive. The four men finishers were within seven minutes of each other, leapfrogging past each other back and forth numerous times throughout the course. Wendi Lucas, an adventure racer from Virginia who just moved to Tucson, also completed the Goat recreationally, so her time (very good) is a secret which I will not divulge. Welcome to Tucson Wendi. There were other interesting adventures in the goat.  Don Fallis apparently forgot that he was allowed to skip two controls, so he did all 24!  Dave Follette, after skipping #9, could not find #10 even though I saw him right where the control should be as I was approaching. So he had to retrace his steps to #9, since we were not allowed to skip two in a row. Then he had to again almost retrace his steps past #10 to #11, which was near #10. As I got closer to #10 from a slightly different angle, I also did not see the control, that is until I luckily almost stepped on it. It was on the ground hidden by vegetation, so I re-hung it. The control had been perfectly placed by Ludwig, but the string had broken, not Ludwig's fault. But it was too late to yell at Dave because he was already out of sight on his way back to #9.

The results of the forked control were dead even, which shows that Ludwig put a lot of thought into forcing us to make a challenging decision. Same with the skipped control. There were several valid choices, resulting in two more challenging decisions. Beginner courses are all about finding the control using the obvious route which the course-setter has laid out. Advanced courses are not just about finding the control, it is about picking the best route among multiple valid routes. What makes Ludwig such a great course-setter is that he understands that difference, and implements that understanding in his courses.  The saying in course-setter lingo is "it's all about the leg, it's not about the control". The control is merely our reward for successfully navigating the leg to the described feature.

Thanks to our volunteers: Ludwig Hill for setting the course, managing the start and finish, and helping beginners. Dave Follette for online registration. Mike Cagle for helping set up and tear down. Wendi Lucas, Tobias Bennet-Gold, Joella (sorry Joella, could not read your last name), Yvonne Poe, Dave Follette, Ludwig Hill, Mike Cagle, and myself for retrieving controls, and Jeff Brodsky for helping beginners.
Great fun.

Jeff Brucker, Meet Director


Event & Individual/Team Time  Rank
GOAT (7.2K, 500M)      
David Follette 182:29 1M  
Don Fallis 184:34 2M  
Jeff Brodsky 187:42 3M  
Jeff Brucker 189:52 4M  
Wendi Lucas --- REC  
OP50 --- DNF  
Mike Cagle --- DNF  
Kate Follette --- DNF  
KID (5.7 K, 360M)      
Remo 146:35 1T  
TYM 239:51 2T  
Beauty &... --- DNF  
Team Gurevitch --- DNF  
Mike King --- REC  
The Wislers --- REC  
TURKEY (2.6K, 200M)      
Jonathon Rickel 45:10 1M  
Michael Rule 71:51 2M  
City Folk --- REC  
Big Dogs --- REC  
Hello Kitty --- REC  
Team Hiehle --- REC  
Team Rickel --- REC  
Alexanders --- REC  
Team "Name" --- REC  
Team B --- REC

Skipped & Forked Control Breakdown

Goat Control (Kid Control) Number of Goat Skips Number of Kid Skips  
#4 (#4) 5 2  
#13 (---) 4 ---  
#9 (#9) 3 0  
#15 (---) 1 ---  
#19 (---) 1 ---  
#22 (#13) 1 1  
Fork Goat Visits Kid Visits    
#7A 3 4    
#7B 5 2    

Bear Wallow Goat Map - 2012

The Goat Course Map - Click on it for a closer view.