Twenty two people showed up for the challenging Box Canyon event on May 20th set by Don Fallis on a warm Sunday morning with most finishers talking about how they enjoyed going up and down and up and down the hills.

Special thanks go to Don Fallis for setting a great meet and Mike Koenig for helping meet direct and Becky King and Kathy Koenig for running the sign up table and helping setting up and taking down the equipment.  And Brad and Yvonne Poe, GeeGee Larrington, Mike Koenig and Mark Everett for collecting controls.


Mark Everett            1M   71.17
Jeff Brodsky              2M   145.10
Alex Savine               3M   147.32
Team Tubac              1T   169.03

Jeff Brucker                  1M   108.45
Pat & Gregg Townsend           DNF
Michael Gurevich                     DNF
Mark Parsons                          DNF

Eva & David Mcelroy    1T   145.10
GeeGee Larrington               Rec
Saber Fang                          Rec


Michael Rule             1M   67.20
I Don’t Really Care             Rec

Jonus Brucker                   Rec