Seventeen adventurous orienteers showed up for the classic courses set by Mark Parsons on Saturday at our Easter weekend event at Slavin Gulch in the Dragoon Mountains.  Ten stayed for the night-O and six went out again Sunday to enjoy the score-O/scavenger-O, both set by John Maier.

Special thanks to those who helped:  Helen Deluga, Pat Penn, Mark Parsons, and Ludwig Hill for collecting controls.

[Mark Parsons and Mike Byers saved this event before it even started when Mike discovered a backyard-sized wildfire just 100 m away from the finish/start at sunrise, perhaps started by a wayward cigarette tossed by a nearby camper taking an early morning hike.  Mark quickly took charge and sent Mike out in his car to gather up sleepy-eyed ORV, rock climbing, and horse people from other campsites in the area.  By the time the fire crews showed up the fire was pretty much stopped in its tracks by 25-30 civilians with 15 shovels.  When the fire was finally killed it had spread to about five acres. - Ludwig]

Dragoons at Sunset

Meadow and Dragoon Mountains at Sunset Just Before The Night-O (Photo by John Little)

Mass Start

The Mass Start for the Score-O/Scavenger-O on Sunday Morning (Photo by John Little)

Day 1 Results

Red    6400 meters;  130m climb

1st       Ludwig Hill         63:30
2nd      Ron Birks*         76:45
3rd       Jeff Brucker       85:30
4th       Jeff Brodsky       86:00
5th       Leif Lundquist    104:00
            Ben Markley       DNF
            Peg Davis           DNF
Green    4600 meters; 100 m climb

1st        John Little         66:52
Orange    4100 meters;  80 m climb

1st         Helen DeLuga        94:25
             Ron Birks*             41:30
             Mike Byers             DNF
             GeeGee Larington   REC
             Alexander family      REC
Yellow/White    2000 m; 10 m climb

1st        Alexander family    19:00
2nd       Kathi Douglas        62:00
            Ron Birks*            11:00

*Ron did the motala in 129.15.

Night-O and Day 2 Results

Night-O     17 controls, 1 point each
60 minutes
Mark Parsons                10 points
Pat Penn                       8
90 minutes
Ron Birks                       17
Ludwig Hill                     16
Gee Gee Larrington          8
Team McElroy                  7
Helen Deluga                   6  (73:06)
Ben Markley                    6  (79:46)
Score-O/ Scavenger-O
25 controls (1 point each + 1 point per scavenged control)

Ludwig Hill                      25 + 6 = 31 points
Peg Davis                       13 + 4 = 17
Team McElroy                 12 + 3 = 15
Gee Gee Larrington           9 + 2 = 11
Helen Deluga                    8 + 1 =  9


4thJeff Brodsky86:00
5thLeif Lundquist104:00

Ben Markleyesults: Slavin Gulch, April 76, 2012 Coursesetter: Mark Parsons
red6400 meters;  130m climb
1stLudwig Hill63:30
2ndRon Birks76:45
3rdJeff Brucker85:30


Peg DavisDNF
Green4600 meters; 100 m climb
1st John Little66:52
Orange4100 meters;  80 m climb
1st Ron Birks41:30
2nd Helen DeLuga94:25

Mike ByersDNF

GeeGee LaringtonREC

Alexander familyREC
yellow/white2000 m; 10 m climb

Alexander family19:00

Kathi DouglasREC

Ron Birks*11:00

*Ron did the Motala in 129:15