These photographs, taken by Leif Lundquist, John Little, Gregg Townsend, and Peg Davis show scenes from Italian Trap, March 25, 2012.

Brucker and McIntosh

Jeff Brucker and Margrit McIntosh Chatting (Photo by Leif Lundquist)

Team Alexander

Part of Team Alexander Stretching Before Heading Out on Yellow (Photo by Leif Lundquist)

John Little

Course Setter John Little Manning the Timer's Table (Photo by Leif Lundquist)

Leif's Track

Leif Lundquist's Winding Track From 9 to 11 on the Green  (Image by Leif Lundquist)

Control Feature

Control Feature With a View Overlooking a Water Fall (Photo taken a few days before the event by John Little)

Jeff Brucker

Jeff Brucker After Retrieving Controls (Photo by Gregg Townsend)


Swarming of the Brown-and-Black Fuzzy Caterpillars (Photo by Peg Davis)