This was March at its most lamb-like, unlike the lionish weather of just a week ago. You would think the climate of SE Arizona would never have dreamed of doing anything so rude as pouring rain changing to driving snow, all in a howling wind!! No no, just mild temperatures, light overcast, and slight breeziness!

The evidence of the recent rain was still there, however, in the damp sand and mud along the reentrants. Several people saw fresh mountain lion tracks in the mud, along with deer, cattle, and racoon. Where there are deer, you will find mountain lions, and of course they would not turn down a small calf as well!

Those who went out on the courses were also struck by the numerous to swarming brown-and-black fuzzy caterpillars (see in the photo gallery). Although I am an entomologist I cannot yet tell you exactly what these were - there are after all nearly 2,000 species of butterflies and moths in SE Arizona, but I suspect the "Tiger Moth" family (Arctiidae), home of the famous "Wooly Bear."

In other wildlife sightings, a persistenly hovering helicopter caused wonder and speculation, until the Forest Service Guy showed up and said that it was a Search and Rescue training mission.

Considering the topsy-turvy schedule/reschedule, a surprising number of dedicated orienteers arrived for what proved to be an excellent meet. Competition was especially keen on the Red course where we had 7 individuals and one team. There was universal acclaim for John Little's masterful courses, and many hung around after to discuss route choices and generally swap notes. We had been concerned about controls going missing in the intervening week, but none did, and the only loss was some flagged legs where the flagging had been taken by the wind.

Catclaw and shindaggers took their toll, and there were many bloodied limbs to behold when all was said and done, but no serious injuries.

John Little stepped in and ran Timing for most of the day, for which I was very grateful as we had quite the rush at the outset, and control retrieval was handled by Ludwig, Gregg Townsend, Jeff Brucker, Mark Parsons, and Leif. Thanks also to Lois for volunteering the week before - although it didn't work out we appreciate the effort she made to drive up there in the severe weather.

Congratulations to our winners, Ludwig Hill on Red, Leif Lundquist on Green, Pete Cowgill on Orange, Michael Rule and Team Alexander on Yellow, and Kathy Douglas on White!

Please let me know if you have any additions to the writeup or comments and I will include them.

-- Margrit McIntosh

Don't forget to check out the photo gallery!


Rank Course Time

Tucson Motala

Ron Birks
R 1:25:20
Ron Birks
O 0:49:02
Ron Birks
Y 0:43:18
Ron Birks 1M Total 2:57:40


Kathy Douglas1FW1:10:44


Team Alexander 1T Y 0:49:01
Michael Rule 1M Y 1:02:58
Gail Brodsky
Y Rec


Pete Cowgill 1M O 1:32:37
Helen Deluga
O Rec


Leif Lundquist 1M G 1:13:58
Michael Gurevich


Ludwig Hill 1M
Mark Parsons 2M R 1:30:42
Jeff Brucker 3M R 1:38:07
Jeff Brodsky 4M R 1:43:54
Larry Lamb 5M R 2:06:48
Peg Davis 1F R 2:20:34
Mike Cagle
Team Townsend