These photographs, taken by Leif Lundquist, Robin Vargyas, Yvonne Poe, and Erik Ringnes, show scenes from the Southwest Spring B-Meet at Kentucky Camp in February 2012.

The Santa Ritas

Parking Lot With A View (Photo by E. Ringnes)

Clear Check Start and Brad

Start Here! Pictured: Brad Poe (Photo by L. Lundquist)

Laura Barry Ludwig

Happy Orienteers. Pictured: Laura Querengesser, Barry McCashin, & Ludwig Hill (Photo by L. Lundquist)

Starting Off

Lining Up To Start Off. Pictured: Allen Hubsch, Art Cantrell, Ludwig Hill, & Brad Poe (Photo by R. Vargyas)

Control 146

Control Marker #146 (Photo by L. Lundquist)


Onlookers (Photo by R. Vargyas)

Download Line

Please Don't Forget to Download. Pictured: Laura Querengesser, Jennifer Kerr, & Sasha Alexander (Photo by R.. Vargyas)

She Gave it Her All

This Orienteer Gave it Her All. "As You Leave the Event, Please Be Careful Not to Drive Over Any Fallen Orienteers." Pictured: Peg Davis (Photo by R.. Vargyas)

Registration and Download

The Registration and Download Tree (Photo by Y. Poe)


Getting Registered. Pictured: Jennifer Kerr, GeeGee Larrington, & Yvonne Poe (Photo by R. Vargyas)

Control Retrieval Maps

At Control Retrieval Headquarters (Photo by R. Vargyas)

Yvonne Jennifer GeeGee Robin

More Happy Orienteers. Pictured: Yvonne Poe, Jennifer Kerr, GeeGee Larrington, & Robin Vargyas (Photo by L. Lundquist)