The Southwest Spring B-Meet was a great success!  With three days of fantastic point-to-point orienteering on seven different courses each day there was something for everybody.  Read on for the write-ups, testimonials, photos, and of course the final results.

Day 1 Report

- By Peg Davis

Barb Bryant and I co-directed the first of this three day meet. We were both able to run our courses and simply loaded the directing materials into a tent to wait overnight for the Day 2 meet directors. Very few controls needed to be moved. Bottom line: experienced setters + experienced directors + preregistration = a pretty smooth start to the biggest meet this year.

The weather was lovely, no complaints about the courses were heard. The grass seeds were minimal, the countryside rolling. Those camping at the site had all the peace they needed while I caught up with old friends on my carpools each day.

Special thanks to Ludwig Hill for getting us our USFS permit and to Leif Lundquist and Art Cantrell for setting the courses.

Day 2 Report

 - By Yvonne Poe (Co-director with Brad Poe)

Day 2 of the SW Spring B-Meet dawned cold and blustery.  New white and yellow courses had been set by Leif Lundquist and Art Cantrell to challenge people [they also set the Day-1 and Day-3 courses].    Blue, Red, Green, Brown, and Orange courses were available each day as well to challenge participants.  The first day of courses had been advertised as having long running legs. Today’s courses were to be a smidgeon more technical, but with slightly shorter legs.  

Robin Vargyas was of great assistance, getting everyone registered and keeping track of who owed payment and who had prepaid for their adventures.  She kept Brad and me organized with her ‘system’…though I still don’t believe she was truly a rookie meet director!  She sailed through the experience with ease.

Leif Lundquist manned the computers all three days, tirelessly keeping track of runners and e-punch IDs.  Results were available in short order, with all splits listed out.  Quite the rivalry could be watched among the men as they compared their course times.  It appeared that all who attended had a great time both on the courses and catching up with friends afterwards.

As the day grew to a close, several controls had to be gathered so that Art and Leif could re-set them for the following day.  Ludwig Hill, Mark Parsons, Lee Bailey and 3 youths-Jackson, Jun, and Edward-all retrieved the needed controls.  Thanks, Guys!

Day 3 Report

 - By Robin Vargyas (Meet Director)

Monday’s event was a beautiful day with sunshine with a little bit of warm!  We had 34 competitors on the courses which is pretty good for an “almost-holiday” Monday!  Apparently the Orange course competitors sent the neighboring rancher out on horseback to check out the potential “illegal immigrants” running around the property.  He seemed to be satisfied with the explanation of the event and went back inside.

We also had one injury on the course, but he made it back to the Finish intact – limping but intact.  Previous injuries are always tricky when they get re-aggravated on the course.

All in all, a very good day in the desert.  Huge kudos go out to the Monday volunteers:
GeeGee Larrington – Registration Desk
Yvonne and Brad Poe – Start Station
Art Cantrell – Control Retrieval Officer
Leif Lundquist – Technology Officer
Rosemary Johnson – Software Consultant
Control Retrievers: Ludwig Hill, Max Suter, Lee Bailey, Jillian Bailey, Peg Davis, John Maier, and Mark Parsons

Comments Received From Random Participants

"I thoroughly enjoyed the three days of meets. Course setter Leif did an amazingly masterful job of setting 21 courses on the same map and using a minimum number of controls by reusing some on different course on different days. I am in awe of his skills! I particularly loved the green middle course with its turns and ups and downs. More people should have attended!" -- Jennifer Kerr

"Organizers:  Thank you very much for your hard work in organizing the SW Spring 3-day. It was a terrific event! We loved the courses, terrain, camping and then people.  Hope you plan to hold another just like it in the future."  --  Laura & Barry

Results and Photos

Check out the pictures here.

Here are the final results:

Day 1 Long: Results / Splits

Day 2 Middle: Results / Splits

Day 3 Classics: Results / Splits