U-Set-It at Silverbell        Sunday, December 21, 2008

Course Setter: You

We begin by each going out Sunday morning on a quadrant of the map to hang a few controls at your skill level. Those who do not hang controls will not qualify to participate in the

Meet Director: Margrit McIntosh & Pat Penn

Course Setter:John Pascal

Vetter: Jeff Brucker



Orienteering at Catalina State Park,
Sunday, November 16, 2008

—Peg Davis

This month we return to one of our most popular sites. The park is easy to reach, right


Meet Director: Jeff Brucker

Course Setter:Jeff Berringer


Event type: Goat!


Join us on October 19 for your choice of Goat courses in the Chimney Rock area of Redington Pass.  Both courses will start from the north parking area, providing everybody a


U-Set-It on the Mogollon Rim September 20 & 21, 2008

Meet Director: Peg Davis
Course Setter: You

This is a multi-event weekend with something for everyone at an elevation guaranteed to bring respite from the last of the summer’s heat. Potato Patch is our site


Let's try a Street-O! This will be a Score-O held in a central Tucson residential neighborhood. The map will be an aerial photograph assembled by Ludwig Hill from 12 orthophoto tiles available on the Pima County website. No controls are hung; You will


Meet Director: Peg Davis
Course Setter: Wolfsong

Event type: 3 or 6 hour score-o, night-o Saturday; 2 or 4 hour score-o Sunday

Come join us at 9000 feet for a cool time in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona for our June event! 

TSN Club meets are held regularly on the third Sunday of the month, year-round. Experienced course setters are usually happy (with advance notice of about a month) to work with apprentices who want to learn to set courses. If there is enough interest,