The event will be run on local time, i.e. Mountain Standard Time (NOT daylight savings time!) All courses will start simultaneously Saturday, May 16, with maps handed out two hours prior for course planning. Participants will have the option of changing their course length (to a shorter course) after beginning to accommodate unforeseen energy reserves or depletion.

May 15

Noon: Camping opens. No hiking allowed in the area. No water provided. Please bring water for your own personal use.
4 PM: Check in opens.
11 PM: Check in closes for the night.

May 16

6 AM: Check in opens
9 AM: Maps distributed
11 AM: Rogaine begins for all competitors.
5 PM: Food service at Hash House begins
7 PM: 8 hour rogaine ends
11 PM: 12 hour rogaine ends

May 17

11 AM: Rogaine finishes, even if it starts late
11:30 AM: teams finishing after this time are disqualified
12:30 PM: Hash house closes
1 PM: Award ceremony, we hope
2 PM: Winners present their route
2 PM: control retrieval begins

May 18

Control retrieval continues
5 PM Camping closes


Remember that Rogaine controls are set at an orienteering Orange skill level, so intermediate level orienteers will be able to participate in this event, not just the ultra-marathoners.

Not an orienteer or rogainer? Solid compass and map reading skills are necessary. You will be asked about your skills on the registration form. Your safety is our highest concern.

Also, people are free to come in and finish whenever they want, so if a team wants to end after two hours, that’s perfectly OK.


60-65 controls, all located on map features
point value range: 30-90, value agrees with numbering (eg.- 40, 41, 42, 43......49 worth 40 points each)
control descriptions and course setter comments will be posted on website in April
there will be drinking water depots on the course in addition to hash house water


All entries will be classified as competitive. Standard rogaining categories will be used for all categories except juniors.
For prizes, we will follow IRF Rule T15, iii:
Teams are deemed to compete in every category for which they are eligible.
Your team will be:
Women's, men's or mixed AND one of the following:
Junior* (all team members under 20 years of age on the first day of the event) OR
Open- everyone who does not have a 100% junior, veteran or super-veteran team should register in this category. In truth, everyone is in the open category. The open winner could also be a team in the junior, veteran or super-veteran categories. OR
Veteran (all team members over 40) OR
Super-veteran (all team members over 55)
*Any team with a member under 14 must also have a member over 18.

Summary of categories:

Junior women's
Women's open
Women's veteran
Women's super-veteran
Junior men's
Men's open
Men's veteran
Men's super-veteran
Junior mixed
Mixed open
Mixed veteran
Mixed super-veteran

If you need to find a partner, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will do our best to help you find someone.
No changes in starting teams are allowed after May 8.