Event Site

Our Mogollon Rim site at 7,000-8,000 feet elevation is predominately pine/fir forest with a sprinkling of meadows, intermittent streams, a couple of deep canyons, several lakes, and a network of jeep trails/dirt roads.  Elk sightings are common.  Base camp is roughly four hours northeast of Phoenix in Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest.  Payson is the nearest town with complete amenities, about an hour from the base camp.  Limited services are available at some of the small but closer settlements on the Rim; however, many do not open until the latter part of May.  

Event Description 

Teams of two or more will have 8, 12, or 24 hours to navigate to as many control sites as possible in attempting to maximize their scores.  At each site, an orange-and-white orienteering control will mark the location, along with a reflective night control.  Teams will punch their scorecards (no e-punch) at each control visited and log in the time and their next intended control on the intention sheet.  Teams must return to the base camp within the time allotted for their course or have penalty points subtracted from their scores.  Ties will be broken by order of finish.

Please be familiar with the rules of rogaining. Find them at the International Rogaining Federation site.

The most important are that all team members must be within unaided voice contact at all times and all members of the team must set foot within 20 meters of each control when punching.

Course setter

John Maier, TSN.


Each team member will receive a set of color maps (very late entries will get black and white) made from a composite of USGS maps with the addition of magnetic north lines.  Information on field checking, map corrections, etc., will be available at the event.


Probably 1:24,000 map scale on 3 sheets of 12 x 18" synthetic paper
6.1 meter (20 foot) contour interval
index contours and spot elevations are given in feet on map (3.28 feet = 1 meter)
additional tracks added using aerial photos and GPS field checking

Terrain Details:

Size: up to 250 square kilometers
Approximate Elevation: 7000 feet
Variation: 300 meters between low and high points
Vegetation:  ponderosa pine forest
Water: depends on spring rainfall, streams crossable
Track network: heavy
Runnability: variable
Impediments: lumpy ground, rockiness in some areas, a few deep drainages (less than 150 meters deep), some cliffs
Wildlife: Elk, deer, and wild turkey very likely to be encountered; also possible are fox, coyote, bear, raptors, small mammals, etc.