We are currently looking for club members who are interested in hosting street-O's (and park-O's) in summer/fall 2010.  Street-O's are simple events to set and direct (no control marker hanging and laid-back meet format).  For help on how to get started and to claim your date and place, contact Ludwig Hill.



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 Jan 25  Arthur Pack Regional Park  Sprint & Chase    Mark Parsons  Mark Parsons
 Feb 14-15  Ironwood  2-Day Classic-O & Sprint    Leif Lundquist  Cristina Luis & Family
 Mar 14-15  Slavin Gulch  2-Day Classic-O & Bike-O    Mark Parsons  Mark Parsons
Mar 22 Ironwood  Training Event    Ludwig Hill  Ludwig Hill
Apr 19  Box Canyon  Classic-O & Motala    Ludwig Hill  Margrit McIntosh & Pat Penn
May 16-17 Mogollon Rim Rogaine   John Maier Peg Davis
 Jun 20 Lincoln Park Night-O & AGM   Peg Davis Peg Davis
Jul 19 Palo Verde Park Street-O   Cristina Luis Cristina Luis
 Aug 16 Palisades Classic-O   Mark Everett Ludwig Hill

Sep 20

 Greasewood Park

 Modified Short Classics

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 Ludwig Hill

 Ludwig Hill

Oct 18

 Sweetwater Preserve


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 Jim Stamm

 Jim Stamm

Nov 8

 Lake Pleasant  Phoenix Club Event
 n/a  n/a  n/a

Nov 15

 Catalina State Park

 Classic-O & National Orienteering Day / Flyer

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 John Pascal

 Pat Penn & Margrit McIntosh

Dec 13

 Saguaro Lake
 Phoenix Club Event  n/a  n/a  n/a

Dec 20

 Cat Mountain


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 Cristina Luis

 Brad and Yvonne Poe

Are you interested in course setting or meet directing?   Then help us fill a slot on our existing calendar or propose your own event!   For further details, contact Ludwig Hill.