Little Bitty Street-O at San Antonio Park

Sunday August 23, 2009

Our next orienteering event is a runner/beginner/everybody-friendly Street-Orienteering event on Sunday, August 23rd. Bring your runner friends and get an early start to the day!

The event will start/finish at San Antonio Park and will use the surrounding neighborhood. This park won the 2008 Judges’ Xeriscape Award - Best Neighborhood/Community Landscape Project-City of Tucson Department of Transportation. This site was formerly occupied by Red Ball Moving Company and had been vacant for a number of years. The City acquired the property with the intent of creating a neighborhood park in the mixed-use San Antonio neighborhood. The design was a collaboration between the City’s Department of Transportation and Parks and Recreation in conjunction with the neighborhood itself.  The various elements within the park: stage area, picnic tables and grill and children’s sandbox were the result of the neighborhood’s desire for a gathering place for neighbors and children. The desert style design provides a comfortable feel that is achieved through gently rolling mounds and a dry streambed which captures and harvests rainwater onsite.  Large trees were preserved in place and a mix of native and drought-tolerant plants were added for additional shade and interest.  The judges were impressed with the excellent plant selection and placement and the overall color and textures.

Because we will be right smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood early on a Sunday morning, please keep voices and other noises low.


Competitors will have a choice of two Scatter Courses (aka Western Mass Rules), where you will go to a certain number of controls (more for the long course, less for the short), in any order you want. Because this is such a small neighborhood, I wanted to make sure you got enough exercise so we’re having two separate courses. Pay once, run twice. The map will be an aerial photograph. There will be no controls, just a question to answer at each control location. Fastest time getting the required number of controls wins. Don’t set foot on private property and watch out for cars.


Please reserve a map for each participant by Friday the 21st from  pegdavis at u dot arizona dot edu

Course setter & Meet director: Peg Davis

Inquiries and volunteers welcome at pegdavis at u dot arizona dot edu

6:45 AM Registration opens. Beginner’s clinic.
7:00 AM First starts
8:30 AM Last starts

9:30 AM All finishers must have returned to the park by this time
Fees: $5/individual, $7/team with a $2 discount for members of any recognized orienteering club.  Compasses rent for $1. 


Reach San Antonio Park by turning south off Broadway on Park Avenue (just east of Euclid). Follow Park to the forced left turn onto 14th Street. San Antonio park is a few more blocks east on the southwest corner of 14th Street and Santa Rita.