Come out and join us on Sunday January 18th for a warm winter morning of Classic-O courses in Tucson Mountain Park on the Cat Mountain Map! 


Cliffs Near Cat MountainView of the lower flanks of Cat Mountain (Photo by Nancy Coker)


The meet directors are Jeff & Nancy Coker. They can be contacted at uwviper (-at-) aol (-dot-) com or 760-382-5437 if you have questions about this meet or would like to help out. The fees collected at each event only cover the costs for permits, insurance, transportation, map printing, supplies, and equipment used at the event. They do not cover planning, organizing, or running the event. It is only through the generous volunteer effort of our club members by which these events can happen!

Event Notes:  There is a remote start/finish for this event. There are two route choices from the parking/registration area to the start/finish site. The shorter is 1.25 km long and follows a hiking trail that has three rather steep re-entrant crossings. The longer route is 1.6 km long, follows another hiking trail up a wash, but is much more gentle with no steep wash crossings. The elevation gain from the registration to the start is 35m. Both routes will be flagged. Allow between 20-30 minutes to walk to the start from the registration area.  The start/finish area will be manned continuously, so extra gear can be stowed there.

Registration: You can register on-site the morning of the event starting at 8:30 am. You can start any time after 9 am.  Please e-mail the meet director at uwviper (-at-) aol (-dot-) com if you plan on attending the meet.  This will assist with figuring out the number of maps to print. This is especially important if you plan on bringing a big group such as Scouts or JROTC units. Also, if you are bringing youth to the meet, please read these notes on the Tucson Orienteering Club website regarding the Waiver and Permission to Participate form that must be filled out by the parent or legal guardian prior to arrival at the meet site.

Course: Six courses will be offered:  White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green and Red. 

  • White: 2.2 km /  65m of climb

  • Yelllow:  2.9 km / 70m of climb

  • Orange:  3.9 km / 115m of climb

  • Brown:  3.1 km  / 85m of climb

  • Green:  4.65 km  / 110m of climb

  • Red:  6.65 km  / 180m of climb

The courses criss-cross the valley floor to the north of Cat Mountain. The terrain is dominated by Saguaro and Cholla cacti with several large washes lined with Mesquite and Palo Verde trees. The area is quite runnable with a decent trail network.

There will be some water out on the course and at the start/finish and registration areas, but since there is no water at Tucson Mountain Park, please bring a little more than you think you will consume.

Fees: $8 for any individual who is a member of a recognized Orienteering Club or $12 per team (max 3). $12 per nonmembers or $18 per team (max 3). Compasses rent for $1. Safety whistles sell for $1. Every person, all courses, all meets is required to carry some type of safety whistle.

Friend-For-Free: Members may invite one guest for free to this event.  For details and restrictions, click here.

Please consider becoming a member of the Tucson Orienteering Club. We will also be accepting membership renewals and will have a list so you can check the status of your membership.


  • 8:30–11:00 am - Registration

  • 9:00 am - Course opens.

  • 11:30 am - Last start time.

  • 1:00 pm - Everyone must be off the course.

  • 1:00–2:00 pm - Control retrieval (great way to get extra orienteering practice).

Directions:  From Tucson, take Ajo Way (AZ 86) west to Kinney Road (4 miles west of Mission Road). Turn right at Kinney and go northwest 0.9 miles to Sarasota Blvd. Turn right at Sarasota and drive 0.5 miles until you reach the Sarasota trailhead parking. Registration will be at the parking area.

Newcomers:  Go directly to registration. Ask for instructions and introductory information.

Check-In: To ensure that all are safe, everyone, whether finished with the course or not, must check in formally at start/finish before courses close and before leaving the meet site.

Route Choice Reviews:  Orienteers love to talk about alternate routes and their advantages and disadvantages.  If you would like to discuss your choices after you do the course, there will be advanced orienteers near the start/finish area who would enjoy going over your route with you.