U-Set-It at Silverbell        Sunday, December 21, 2008

Course Setter: You

We begin by each going out Sunday morning on a quadrant of the map to hang a few controls at your skill level. Those who do not hang controls will not qualify to participate in the Score-O.

Then we’ll put all the controls on the master map and copy the locations on our own maps. 

We’ll go out on Score-O/Scavenger-O at 10 AM. For the first hour, this will be a regular score-O format.

Find and punch any controls you like in any order.

 the same controls become fair game. Retrieve the control, bring it back to the start and get even  more points. Of course, no one would consider untying a control before 11:30 a.m.
However, it is kosher to stand by a control and wait for the clock to turn to 11:30, then retrieve. Point values for each control will be listed at the start.

Not too confident about hanging controls by yourself? Come anyway. We only ask you to hang controls at your level of comfort. White controls are welcome.

Beginner? Sorry, no beginner clinic this month.

Almost a beginner: Would this be your second meet? Get to the meet a little early and find someone about your speed (walk, fast walk, ½ walk/ ½ run, very fast) and request to accompany them as they hang controls. Merely observing what they do will improve your skills. For example, Peg will take a fast walker or two with her.

There will be no water on the courses. Bring some way to carry your own
water while on the course. Also needed: a watch for the Score-O.

Save gas and driving by car pooling.

Primitive camping available on site Saturday night. While the Geminid meteor showers will be over, the sky should still provide beautiful viewing, far from the light pollution of town.

Fees for the weekend: Members: $5/individual, $8/
team for members of any recognized orienteering club. $10/
individual, $15/team for nonmembers. Compasses rent for $1. Safety
whistles sell for $1. Every person, all courses, all meets is
required to carry some type of safety whistle.

Directions: Exit I-10 at Avra Valley Rd. (Exit 242) Follow Avra Valley Rd west approx. 18 miles, until you see the sign "Red Rock via Silverbell Rd". Turn left on the dirt road past the sign. Follow this road, which is OK for all but lowest clearance passenger cars (i.e., low riders) for 7.5 miles to the meet headquarters. Signs will guide you to the meet headquarters.

Contact Rick Medina (rick at monsoonadventures dot com ) to volunteer to help a little at a table. You can still run the course. Please send him a note if coming to event to help us prepare map numbers - not required, but we’d appreciate it.


8:30-9:00 a.m. Registration opens.
Choose your map quadrant and name
the course level of the controls you’ll
be hanging (White, Yellow, Orange,
Green, Red).
9-10 Hang controls
10 Be back , record control locations on master map
10:30 Score-O starts
11:30 Score-O ends, Scavenger-O begins
12 noon Scavenger O ends
Check-In: To insure that all are safe,
everyone, whether finished with the
course or not, must check in formally by noon
at Start/Finish.

If you don’t hang, you don’t run!