This all local festival of culture and food will focus on health and fitness this year.  It takes over a huge swath of downtown.  While this event is usually excellent, this year it will be even better: there will be free orienteering!

Come down to the area just south of the Main Library and find our table (exact location not released yet). The white course will be too simple for you, but you might want to try the yellow course. Even better, put your energy into growing orienteering in Tucson.

One hundred thousand people (yes, you read that right) are expected to visit Tucson Meet Yourself this year.  If we could talk to one percent of them, that would be a public relations coup for our club.  Help us reach one thousand people by volunteering to hang out at our table for a few hours.  We will have displays you can use to talk about our sport, then send those interested out on our two untimed courses.  No one will work alone.  Claim your time slot at

Contact Peg with any questions.