Spring comes early in Arizona. When people still ski in Central Park and snowshoe in the Midwest, the sun warms up the Sonoran Desert. Welcome to the 2012 Southwest Spring B-Meet during the Washington’s Birthday weekend! Three days of orienteering near Tucson with a full range of courses every day.

Update 2/15/12: Pre-registration is now closed, but you can register on-site each day from 9AM.

Fast track sign-in for pre-registrants:  Sign, pay, and pick up your rental stick if you have ordered one. Then you can start any time after 10AM. See schedule below.

On-site registration procedure: On arrival fill in the usual registration form, pick up a rental stick if you need one, and pay.  Next stop is the timing computer to be entered into the electronic timing system.  Then you are ready to start.

White and Yellow runners will get their maps at the registration, everybody else after they have punched Start.

Saturday we kick off with Long* courses. Sunday we’ll have Middle* distances, and then we will finish the triplet and celebrate Washington’s Birthday with Classic* courses on Monday.

The courses will be in the high desert near Sonoita, south of Tucson, within the Coronado National Forest using the Kentucky Camp/Greaterville map. The terrain is generally open with scattered trees and bushes, sometimes in groves; thorny thickets of underbrush may occur in smaller patches. There are sweeping ridges from which you can see forever. Go down into the valleys and it’s a challenge to keep track of which side canyon you’re heading for. If you come all three days you will get a chance to try courses in among the rolling hills as well as the steeper and tougher terrain of the Santa Rita foothills where fractal elevation curves break the hillsides down into smaller and smaller re-entrants. Welcome to the Southwest Rolling Foothills near Kentucky Camp & Greaterville (Photo by Max Suter)

The dry winter grasses may harbor some irritating, itching seeds that try to fill your shoes. Long pants and/or gaiters are recommended. From the top of the ridges you can see forever, but the valleys are low, and there will be several interesting route choices during the Long and Classic courses. During the Middle event the controls will be closely packed.

Electronic SI-punching all the way – rental sticks will be available.

Registration:  On-site. To see who is pre-registered click on Who's Registered

Directions: Drive East on I-10 to SR 83 (Exit 281 for Sonoita). Follow SR 83 south for 21 miles to Gardner Canyon Road (between mileposts 38 and 37); turn west and go 0.8 miles to FS 163.  Turn right, drive 1.9 miles and take the right fork on FS 229 toward Box Canyon. Drive 0.4 miles to 2nd fork, turn left, drive 0.2 miles to 3d fork, turn right, and drive another 0.6 miles to the parking  area. Orange and white signs will guide you from Hwy 83 to the start.

If you are not a U.S. citizen, bring some ID suitable for border patrol check points.

Fees per day:
Members $7 per individual, $10 per team for members of any recognized orienteering club. Non-members: $12 per individual and $17 per team. $2 discount for second and third day participation (Sunday and/or Monday). Juniors under 18 years: $3 for individuals, $5 for all-junior teams.  SI-card rental: $1. Compass rental: $1. Safety whistles to keep: $1. Every person, regardless of course, will be required to carry some type of safety whistle.

Maps: Pre-printed for each course, scales 1:10,000 and 1:7,500 (Brown, Yellow, and White).

Courses (km/no. controls), Saturday/Long: Blue 8.7/13, Red 7.4/12, Green 5.1/8,
Brown 2.6/8, Orange 4.9/9, Yellow 2.3/7, White 2.8/7.

Courses (km/no. controls), Sunday/Middle: Blue 7.0/19, Red 4.7/14, Green 3.5/9,
Brown 2.4/7, Orange 4.1/10, Yellow 2.0/8, White 1.9/7.

Courses (km/no. controls), Monday/Classic: Blue 7.1/12, Red 5.5/10, Green 4.0/9 ,
Brown 2.4/6, Orange 4.1/10, Yellow 2.8/8, White 3.1/7.

Schedule, Saturday:
9:00 AM: Registration opens.
10:00 AM: First start, Long courses
11:30 PM: Start closes.
2:00 PM: Long Courses close.

Schedule, Sunday:
9:00 AM: Registration opens.
10:00 AM: First start, Middle courses
11:00 Last start Middle courses
1:00 PM: Middle Courses close.

Schedule, Monday:
9:00 AM: Registration opens.
10:00 AM: First start, Classic courses
11:30 PM: Start closes.
2:00 PM: Classic Courses close.

Control retrieval: Please volunteer with the meet director!

Check-In: To ensure that all are safe, every runner, whether finished with the course or not, must check in at the Finish before leaving the meet site.

Newcomers: Go directly to the Registration. Ask for instructions and introductory information. Ask for Beginner’s clinic times.

Route choice reviews: Orienteers love to talk about alternate routes and their advantages and disadvantages. If you would like to discuss your choices, there will be advanced orienteers available near the Start/Finish area.

Camping: Free camping is allowed at the event parking area and at existing pullouts along roads within the national forest.
* Long should take a good orienteer well over an hour, Middle should have many controls and take about half an hour, and Classic is in between. Read more at http://orienteeringusa.org/new-o/faqs#sml.  

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First they fill in the usual reg. form, picking up a rental chip if they need one, and pay. Next stop is at my computer to be entered into the electronic timing system. Then they will be ready for start. We’ll have free start, but no maps until they have started, i.e. punched Start. The latter could be relaxed for White (and Yellow?) runners, who may need a little time for instructions before setting out.