Approximately 25 of our reflective night-O controls will be tucked away at various points on the university campus awaiting your discovery at our next night orienteering event this coming October 7, a Friday evening.  You will have 45 minutes to garner as many as you can.

The moon will be overhead but you'll need a headlamp for reading your map as well as for maximizing the glow of the reflective controls.  You'll also need a watch to keep track of time.

Our assembly/registration/start/finish area will be on the plaza in front of the administration building.  That's immediately across the mall road from the cactus garden (north side), adjacent to the student union.  For parking we suggest the large lot just south of Speedway (no access from Speedway).  Take Cherry to First, then west one block to Vine from which the lot may be accessed.  Walk south to the Mall, then east to the assembly area, no more than 6 minutes away.  Parking permits are not required after 5 PM.
Here's the schedule:
Beginners's clinic                          6:30 PM
Registration                                   6:45-7:10
Briefing                                           7:10
Mass start                                       7:15
Finish                                              8:00
Control retrieval                              8:00-8:30

Don't be too quick to depart after the event as bonus points will be awarded for control retrieval.  But do be quick enough to beat the finish time as penalty points get awarded to late returnees.  Remember, this is all in fun.  If you're a club member, bring a non-orienteering friend to try out the sport for free.  Also kids are free.  Everybody else............$3/head
Questions/comments may be addressed to Wolfsong at wolffsongg (-at-) juno (-dot-) com.