Mark your calendars.  Back by popular demand will be night orienteering at Reid Park.  This is a beginner friendly site for night orienteering and a lot of fun for orienteers of all levels.
You will be seeking out our snazzy reflective night-O control markers which glow in the beam of your headlamp (or flashlight).  Participants will have 45 minutes to find the controls (bring a watch).  There will be two stages.  Here's how it works.  At the mass start you will head out with your map showing a select number of controls.  Anytime after 15 minutes into the 45 minute event you may return to the start to copy the remainder of the control locations from a master map onto your map.
For those who have not orienteered before or would like a refresher course we will have a beginner's clinic preceding the event.  Plan to hang around and socialize after the event.  Consider bringing refreshments and snacks (no alcohol or glass containers please).  Please note that kids are free, others are $3 each, but you may run/walk as a team if you wish.  You may choose to run competitively (results posted for your effort) or recreationally (your results not posted).  We also encourage all members to bring a non-orienteering friend for free as an introduction to the sport.  We thank Mark Everett for updating the map since our last event here, reflecting recent changes made to the park.  See you all there. 
7:15 pm                Beginner's clinic
7:30 - 7:55            Registration
8:00                       Mass start
8:45                       Course closes
10:30                     Park closes

We are using the southwest portion of Reid Park.

From 22nd Street go north on Country Club 1/3 mile to the second or northern entrance and look for us at  Ramada #17.

From Broadway go south on Country Club 2/3 mile.  Don't look for "O" signs to lead you there as there will be none.  If you end up at the zoo, you made a wrong turn.