On Sunday, August 14, 2011 at 9 AM, our Annual General Meeting will be held in conjunction with our U of A event.  All those who care about orienteering in Tucson are encouraged to participate in reviewing the last year and planning for the new one.  All board of director positions are open for nominations.

See the offices described on our website (on the Home page, click on Volunteering).  I consider the two most gaping vacancies to be permit manager (must be good on the phone and email) and president (must be good face-to-face).

Contact Peg ( pegdavis at u.arizona.edu ) before August 12 to nominate yourself or a consenting orienteer.  If you are a board member who would like to be replaced, find someone to nominate.  This will be held in a low-key social setting under the ramada.

I’ll bring cool treats. 

Peg Davis, soon-to-be-Past President