Our next night-O will be in the Tucson Mountains at Cat Mountain.  In case you haven't been there before, let me reassure you that we will not be climbing Cat Mountain, the nearby peak for which this site is named.  It will be necessary to hike about a half mile in from the parking area to the start/finish location at the pass (allow 10-15 minutes).  From there you will find a series of trails by which to help navigate over the terrain.  As in our previous night events, this will be set up as a score-O, meaning you have a set time limit to get as many controls as possible. You are not expected to get them all but it will be possible.  There will be two changes from the previous events:  controls will not be of equal value and you will have 60 minutes for the event.  Penalty points will be awarded for late returnees.  Controls will be placed both at or near trails as well as off trail so you can choose your  level of challenge.

This event will occur at the first quarter of the moon meaning the big light will be almost overhead at the start.  We will actually start at twilight instead of waiting until it is completely dark.  Once again we will employ the mass start and you will have a few minutes to look at your map before starting.  Don't forget your compass for this event as there will be no city park lights to illuminate the terrain and help keep you oriented.  If you know how to locate the north star or are familiar with the major constellations that will be a plus in keeping oriented.  Entry fee is $3.00 per person, kids are free.  You may run as individuals or as teams.  Don't forget that members may invite one non-orienteering friend for free.  Please check on your entry form whether you are running competitively (record of achievement posted in results) or recreationally (results not shown).

7:00 p.m.                Arrive at parking area
7:15                         Beginner's clinic at the pass
7:30-7:55                Registration at the pass
8:00                         Mass start
9:00                         Course closes, control retrieval begins
Directions:  From Tucson, take Ajo Way (AZ 86) west to Kinney Road (4 miles west of Mission Road).  Turn right at Kinney and go northwest 0.9 miles to Sarasota Blvd.  Turn right at Sarasota and go northeast 0.4 miles to a dirt road branching to the right.  Turn right on the dirt road and continue east 0.5 miles to unmarked parking area.  To reach the registration area, walk through the metal gate in the wire fence and follow the foot/bike trail east 0.5 miles up to the pass.
Volunteers Requested:  It really helps if you can volunteer to help out in some way.  In particular help is needed to register participants before the event and to help collect controls at the end.  For this event we need help carrying the essentials from the parking area up to the pass and then back to the cars at the conclusion of the event.  We also need a volunteer to conduct the beginner's clinic and a meet director to coordinate everything.  None of these voluntary positions would preclude you from running in the event.