Update (6/6/11):  Our permit to hold this event has been approved.  Also, read below for added map notes and more detailed directions on how to get there. 

We haven't used this site in so many years we no longer have the map for it but we did use it for night-O's in the early days of the club back in the 80's.  Lack of a map will not impede us from having some fun.

Instead you will be using a high quality orthophoto giving you a bird's eye view of the whole park.  The moon will be almost directly overhead but bring your headlamp anyway to help make the reflective markers glow.  This event will have two stages to better employ a smaller park.  For the go signal we'll once again have a mass start. Many of you may have little difficulty getting all the controls before the 45 minute time limit elapses but then you will copy a few more controls onto your map and go out again before being done.

Once you are done, don't be quick to depart.  Bring some snacks or other refreshments (no alcohol or glass containers please) and hang out a bit in the moonlight.  A telescope will be set up to give you a close up view of the moon in sharp detail and we'll also look at Saturn with it's largest moon Titan.  If you are a family person, be sure to bring the kids as they really enjoy looking through the telescope.  Our fees will be the same as the previous night-O's, $3/person, but you may run as teams.  And the kids are free.  If you are a club member, don't forget that you can bring a non-orienteering friend for free to share in the fun.

Here's the schedule:
Beginner's clinic            7:30 pm
Registration                7:45-8:15
Mass start                     8:15
Course closes                9:00
Go home                     10:00

Map notes:  You will be using an aerial photo for a map with a few enhancements.  The photo was taken mid morning so shadows from trees will fall northwest.  The shadows are usually darker (more prominent) than the trees themselves so use care in interpreting what you see.

Directions:  We will assemble at Ramada #5.  Take Craycroft Road 1/2 mile north of Grant Road to Glenn.  Turn right on Glenn and take the 3rd left into Ft. Lowell Park.  This is immediately past the ball diamonds.   Take the next right (between the stone walls) which is also immediately past the ball diamonds.  This takes you to the parking lot for Ramada #5.